Daytona Loop Ride
SUNDAY - 10 Aug 2003

Well - I still have "My Angel" riding along with me, because after a weeks worth of Heavy Weather down this way, the ride today could hardly have been better, or nicer.

Left this morning at 05:30, in the cool and dark, filled up at US1 & Midway and was off to meet Deb (my "guide for the ride") in New Smyrna for breakfast at 8.  The road was dry, traffic was light, and I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise up around Felsmere.  Stopped briefly at two conviently located rest areas and pulled into New Smyrna right on time - just one exit to soon.  Called Deb, got hooked up, then off to The Omlette Shop.  On the way we got very lightly "sprinkled" and while having breakfast and passing a bit of bull back and forth the bottom dropped out!  Thought,Oh S--t, not again ... and this early in the day too ... so we just shot the bull a bit more and let it rain itself out.  Which it did - with that early morning "toad strangler" ... then no more for the rest of the day (for me/us at least) ... it just stayed mostly overcast and unseasonably comfortable.

Finally got on the road again about 10:30 or 11 I guess and Deb gave me the Grand Tour of mainland Daytona ... up Beach Street (?) on the West side of the River, over to the Beach Side (A1A), cruised up and down a bit and stopped at Main Street Station (next to the Boot Hill Saloon) for a photo-op and drink of water before heading back to the mainland side and up on "The Loop".  There were quite a few "Save The Loop" signs out in yards ... don't know what that was all about, will have to ask Deb... forgot to.

Rode "The Loop" up the West side thru Tomoka State Park with several stops to admire the views ... Salt Marsh, assorted ruins, and the overhanging canopy over the road, then out for a stop at "White Eagle" (near Bunnell) for our single beer and a bit more bull.  Back on "The Loop" after our beer and sloppy joe and over toward the beach at Ormond Beach along the East side of the Marsh on a really nice windy back road, with quite a few folks out fishing the backwaters ... and a stop on the beach for a while b4 heading back.  Deb had a meeting of "The Tribesmen" to go to, and we "honked" our good-bys and thanks for a great day at US1 and SR50 (the road to Barberville & Deland).  Got back on I95 right around 6 (about 30-40 miles North of the New Smyrna exit, and figured I'd be back around 9.

Just "chilled" & cruised on the way back, stopped for a cuppa joe, shot the Bull with an old Navy Seal at Waffle House for a bit, said "Good Evening" to a blazing sunset thru the pine woods somewhere North of Sebastan / Felsmere, and arrived back home at 9:30.  Could tell on the way back in Midway Rd. that it had either rained hard or long down here, and when I got in ... dad said "BOTH" ... but at least today, no "heavy weather" ... and there I'd enjoyed just a GREAT DAY and RIDE.

346 Miles Round Trip - 39.7 MPG

Some photo "postcards" from the ride, and my guide - BOOPDD

1.  Deb in front of Main Street Station, Daytona

2.  Map of "The Loop"

3.  Rick on "The Loop" .. crossing the Salt Marsh

4.  Rick on "The Loop" .. crossing the Salt Marsh

5. Thru the "Overhang" - Ruins of a Sugar & Rum Mill

6. Thru (one of many)  "Overhangs"

7. Thru (one of many)  "Overhangs"

8. Thru (one of many)  "Overhangs"

9.  A final stop at the beach ... Ormond Beach