10609 South Indian River Drive
BUILT in 1906
Jacked up on transport beams and cribbing --- awaiting relocation and preservation

Property after Hurricane Frances and Jeanne of Sept 2004
Hurricanes damaged and blew the house off of the cribbing and it was subsequently demolished

All that's left - the address post on which the demolition permit was posted

Realators sign which appeared earlier "this week"
Secluded - yes .... Unique - very likely
The property IS riverfront property flanked by about 1200 - 1300' North and South with land that is "not likely" to see residential or commercial use
- ? - surrounded by preservation land" - ? -
That depends on what happens in the future.  It's surrounded by lands in the city limits of Port St. Lucie which is still currently zoned RM-5.  The surrounding lands were purchased, in the 1990's, by the Florida Inland Navigation District for use as a maintenance dredging spoil area for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, the lands West and South of this isolated parcel were transferred to St. Lucie county in 1998 for future park lands.