4111 South Indian River Drive
BUILT in 1844 *
Presently Home to Mrs Jean R. Horton

NOTE:  This Coquina Rock Fireplace is, I believe, the oldest remanant structure in St. Lucie County.  It dates from the Armed Occupation Act of 1842 Settlement on the St. Lucie River known as "Susanna" and in on lands granted originally to William B Davis under this ACT (and predateing the Survey of the Government Lands in the 1850's.)  Until recently, this fireplace was fairly well "concealed" in plantings at this address.  However it has recently been placed on the market, and the plantings trimmed back to reveal it.

In  May of 2003, after finding two of the original parcels of SIRD lands in this catagory, I spoke at length with Ms Dee Dee Roberts at the St. Lucie County Historical Museum about these Armed Occupation Act land grants.  She later furnished me with the following copies of an article (undated and unattributed) but, I believe, from the Ft. Pierce Tribune - about this fireplace and the Susanna Settlement.