The Langdons

Florida - Alabama - Lousiana - Arizona - Colorado - Wyoming

-26 Dec 97 - 31 Dec 97

Rick, Mom & Dad - on Mom's 83rd birthday - 22 Sept 97

Florida - November 1997

Almost everyone

Jeri, Dad, Jim Jr., Jim, Linda, Cindy, Kyleigh,Andrew, Samantha (Rick's Daughter), Aunt Florence (Mom's sister - Lousiana), & Eileen

The L men

Jim, Andrew, Jim Jr., ElDad, Rick, & Todd

Can I do that too Aunt Jeri ?

Andrew (Jim Jr's Son - Az) & Jeri (Jim's Daughter - Wy)

Beach Beauty & the Beast

Jeri (Wy), Jim Jr & Andrew (Az)

"Children" at Play

Jeri & Jim Jr.

This isn't Arizona "Toto"

Todd (Rick's son - Al) - Jim Jr, Kyleigh, Andrew & Cindy (Az)

The Arizona L's

Cindy, Andrew, Jim Jr. & Kyleigh

Proud Gramma

Kyleigh & Eileen

What are these things !! They tickle

Jim, Jeri, Eileen, Todd, Linda

Get sand between your toes - you will come back to Florida!

Cindy, Kyleigh

See - Beasts clean up good too!!

Jim Jr., Kyleigh, & Jeri

Jeri & Kyleigh

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