26 July 2001
(All pics are "clickable" to full size images)
The Audubon Societies - Corkscrew Sanctuary ...
and a picnic at The Collier-Seminole State Park (at least a "picnic for the MOSQUITOS !!)

Bo & Barbara's House
Lake Harbor, Florida

The start of a 2.25 Mile long Boardwalk
thru the Corkscrew Swamp

A "Georgia Thumper"
(BIG Grasshopper)

'gators are "everywhere" to meet us

It just jumped from the railing ....
A Cameleon ... mid top right

More 'gators in the Lettuce Lake

Getting sleepy .....

... after our "picnic"

Val enjoys one of Bo's "tales"

.... the long ... lonesome.... road back
to Lake Harbor

Bo & Sutt's  - "Glades Buggies"

Custom / specialty built vehicles for travel and hunting
in The Everglades

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