-19 June 98


Are you tired of being treated
like an old, sweaty pair
of gym socks?

Just listen to what some America Online executives have to say:

According to CFO Lennart Leader, "Members complain rather than switch. That tells us that consumers see no alternative to AOL."

AOL Network president Robert Pittman stated "that AOL had become a 'necessity' in the lives of its customers. And, he said, as long as there was a critical mass of content on AOL, the quality of it didn't necessarily matter to his customers. 'The people in our economy who didn't put the brand first are no longer in the economy. And guess what, superior technology or superior products don't matter. Brands matter.'"

I-Way Networks does not treat its customers like this. I-Way cares about its customers and the quality of its service. Our customers are individuals, not account numbers. We even built our own 24-hour TeleSupport center to ensure that you get the personal touch you deserve!

With each personal dial-up account, you receive:

*An e-mail account with up to 5 aliases
*A FREE personal home page
*FREE Microsoft Internet Explorer software
*Full access to the World Wide Web, Usenet News, and everything else the Internet has to offer

*Available local dialup access numbers in 120 cities
*A 30-day money back guarantee

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The attitude cited here, along with the swamp of unsolicited email received at AOL is the reason we left that "on-line" service. This "advertisement" was received on one of the daily tipsheets as a part of my subscription to PC Worlds - "Netscape Tip World". I felt it expressed my feelings well and have incorporated it into our site with these additions. There are a wide variety of ISP's available with better service, and a better service attitude, than AOL. Obviously, I endorse I-Way.net. I also endorse AT&T Worldnet, my current ISP. This endorsement "may" be withdrawn - pending the outcome of the flood of protest prompted by their announcement March 31st 1998 that they plan to discontinue (and leave current subscribers hanging) their Unlimited Usage Price plan and replace it with a "Standard" Price plan limited to 150 hours/mo + $0.99/hr for hours over 150 hrs/mo.

LATE NEWS: AOL buyout of Mirabilis ICQ - The Story and The Fear - 10 Jun 98

Also for your amusement, and consideration, I include the following links to external sites. With no endorsement as to their content, just interesting sites I have visited as a result of searching for sites using the following query - "Info for AOL Users" - in preparation for helping an AOL customer upgrade their Internet browsing capability.

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