Here are some (English) Links to Belgium, the Vlaanderen Region and Brugge that I have found to be of interest:

Paul De Meyer's Homepage
The Start of my electronic visit to Belgium
North American Time Zones and GMT
Time Zone conversions to GMT ( Belgium is 1 hour ahead of GMT)
Belgium: Overview
An ABSOULUTELY 5 STAR Overview page and Link site for Belgium
Virtual Tourist II - Europe
From VT2 and City Net, an overview Map of Europe
Image - 1002x1090 pixels (about 437 Kb)
A excellent JPEG Map of Belgium - International Boundaries, Province Boundaries, Roads, Railroads, principle cities, and towns
INTELLICAST: Weather - Brussels, Belgium
Current and Four Day Weather forecast - Brusssels, Belgium
INTELLICAST: Weather - Birmingham, Alabama
Four Day Weather forecast - Birmingham, Alabama USA
Brugge, Belgium
Bruges Official Site (5 Star Site)
Bruges (Brugge) - one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium :-) An extensive and interesting site
Alternative Bruges Page
An Alternative view of Bruges, Belgium
How about visiting Bruges .... by An Van De Moortel
Links to Brugge - Digitale Regio Vlaanderen
Links to the Brugge District, West-Vlaanderen Province, Belgium
The Belgian Fries Pages
No Alice, they're not "french fries" - The REAL fries are Belgian Fries


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