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- 27 August 98 - 04 September 98

Introduction to dad's family (by Rick)

(& Ricks' Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins - on Dad's side)

First, a short introduction - there were 4 kids in dad's family, in order--Jeanette, Arthur, Elwood (dad), and Catherine. Dad's father (poppa) was James A. Langdon and his mother (Granny) was Catherine (Russell) Langdon. Both dad's and mom's family grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, dad's family (for as long as I know) also had "the old farmhouse" in Haddam Neck, Connecticut.

(We have quite a bit of family information - in the program "Family Tree Maker" - and when I figure out how to incorporate or link it in here... here it is.)

Aunt Jeanette married Uncle Milton Blodgette, lived in Birmingham, Alabama thru the early '40's then moved to Nashville, Tennessee. They had no children. Uncle Milt was in Insurance, an avid golfer, and loved his cars - seems like he had a new one or two every year. (With no kids, I guess you can afford to do that.) Aunt Jeanette was very active in the Tennessee Garden Clubs, and (thank goodness) - was also, like me, "a bit" of a packrat - loved and kept her pictures, almost all of the "old family photo's" that illustrate dad's stories come from boxes and albums of photo's that I inherited from Uncle Milt & Aunt Jeanette. They would come up to Connecticut for a visit with the family almost every Summer.

Aunt Catherine married Uncle Ray McKinney. They lived in Connecticut in an old farmhouse in Coventry - about 17 miles North East of our place in Glastonbury and we had five cousins here - Joan, Chris, Wayne, Carol & Craig. After we moved to Florida, and after their kids were "up & gone", Uncle Ray and Aunt Catherine moved to Maine.

Uncle Art married Aunt Clara ( ). As long as I can remember, they lived at the old farm house at Haddam Neck, Connecticut, about 14 miles South East from our place in Glastonbury. We also had five cousins here - Jenny, Art, Bobby, Claire, and Hammy.

I remember Uncle art as a "bit" of a cut-up, and they were the one's that we visited the most while we were growing up in Connecticut - down at "the old farmhouse". They always had some sort of animals around - even if the "farm" wasn't a "real working farm"- chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, cows & bulls, steers & oxen. Uncle Art was a salesman for Weck (Pharmacy products) and a self educated chemist/inventor. His big "claim to fame" on the work front came with his patent for "Weck Ink" - that ink which is still used on sterilization bags to contain surgical instruments when they are put into an autoclave - the ink changes color when the proper combination of heat - pressure - and time have passed. {there's quite some stories behind his development of this ink - and the dangers posed to the continued existance of "the old farmhouse" - maybe dad will spin those tales.}

Uncle Art was also bandmaster for the Haddam Neck Band (organized in 1953), it seemed like it was "mostly" made up of Langdon's (Uncle Art - Director, Dad - Cornet, Jim - Baritone, Rick - Clarinet or Drums, Cousin Art - Cornet, Cousin Bobby - Trombone or Drums, Cousin Claire - Clarinet) but there were also quite a few others from "The Neck" and beyond too. The big event for the Haddam Neck Band every year - was playing at the Haddam Neck Fair on the big bandstand {there's some more tales to be told about the band - but I'll leave them for dad too, along with more hunting tales from "The Neck" on the old farm}.

I regret to say that after we moved from Glastonbury, Connecticut to Palm Beach Shores, Florida in 1961, we virtually lost track of these Connecticut Aunts, Uncles, and cousins; 15-1700 miles is a long separation for FAMILY.

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