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- 23 May 2001 - 17 Novenber 2002

Holton-Clarke Long Model Bb Cornet
Gold Plated / Satin Finish
SN 61133
Vintage - 1923

Ref:  Holton Instrument Serial Numbers
See also - a vintage Holton Clarke Long Model Advertisement

(Dad got it in late 1927)

Frank Holton & Co
Elkhorn, Wis

Holton - Clarke
Made By
Frank Holton & Co

In January 2002, Richard Oxley - The son of Dick Oxley - came by to visit us at home in Florida.  He was in process of relocating his business from Washington State to Arizona and taking some time in process of the move to visit with family.  We enjoyed meeting Richard and hearing him bring life back to "That Special Horn".  Dad presented him with THE HORN as a gift ... sort of bringing the history of this horn .... full circle.

Dad and Richard Oxley

Dad listens as Richard brings THAT HORN back to life
What a glorious - clear - crisp - tone !!!

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