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Small town Country Living - Haddam Neck, Connecticut

- 08 May 98  - 12 September 98

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While we were "minding" Walter Johnson's new house, about the time I was Transferred into Timestudy at P&W, we recieved a letter from Walt. He'd enlisted in the Navy when they called him into service - was trained to operate a Landing Craft (LC something) one of those cumbersome tubs used to ferry people from ship to shore, where the whole Bow dropped down & the soldiers, loaded down with too much gear, jumped out to invade enemy shores - hoping the water was not over their head, and Walt hoped that releasing his cargo let him back offshore to get a new load.

Anyhow the Navy Doctors had found a "tic" in his heart -after all this training- and he was going to be mustered out soon, but we could stay on at his house 'till we could find another place. A good friend.

And now, Arnold Bailey who ran a trucking business out of an abandoned church bldg on his folks farm property on The Neck (Haddam Neck, Ct.) heard the good news, it travelled quickly over the town Party Line phones. Arnold came by & opined as to how he'd been building a small 2 bedroom Cottage on an old barn foundation - next to his own house, and wondered if Grace & I would like to become his next door neighbors. We could have the house on a 1 1/2 acre lot for $3500.

The Langdon's at the farmhouse - Haddam Neck, Connecticut - August 1939

Aunt Catherine, Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Milt, Granny, Dad, Jenny, Mom, Aunt Clara, Uncle Art

Arnold's folks had for years operated a sort of B&B, or vacation Inn, out of their enormous old farmhouse. They were Charter Members of the Local Grange, along with our folks - long time friends. So once again we were fortunate to be in such a tight knit community. Arnold's cottage became our first "home of our own" and I was sure that on my new job I could pay off Arnold's personal IOU note, no mortgage for old friends!! Jim and Rick came along while we enjoyed living there. Haddam Neck was a nice VERY SMALL, country farm community where everyone knew, cared for, and helped their neighbors.

Jim & Rick - 1946

Rick & Jim - Sept 1946

Our House, Haddam Neck - 1950

Take a look at an ad from Elkin's Store (Grocery Store) that appeared in the August 31, 1945 edition of "The East Hampton News".

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