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- 01 September 98 - 01 September 98

Bob Roberts, Smudgie & the "Tar-Heel" Method of Squirrel Hunting

Smudgie - I can still see that fine dog of Bob Roberts. Belgian Shepherd, black as a shiny lump of coal, dark eyes, ever-stand-up pointed ears, friendly (with reservation), quick as a flash of lightning, 70 lbs of totally alert dog --- "I'm Bob Roberts Dog"---.

The Roberts had a second dog -- Pansy's dog -- a Chiawawa(?), or Mexican hairless or something -- weighed at most maybe 2 pounds, mostly ears. Feisty-bark at strangers ( anyone not in the family) - Peanuts, protector of his big brother Smudgie. I'd pet him carefully, aware of those needle sharp teeth. Pansy loved him -- and Peanuts reciprocated.

But Smudgie -- Bill Hall & I hunted squirrel, tried to always get a head shot to avoid spoiling the limited meat on them little critters. Smudgie & Bob, showed us an innovative way to get squirrels.

Bob had a heart condition that ruled out excessive, or extended walking. His squirrel preserve was an oak grove out behind his house. One word --Squirrel ?-- was enuff to set Smudgie jumping, prancing, quivering, eager to go after squirrels. To Smudgie's thinking, Bob was the assistant, just helping on the job.

We went along to watch the operation. Out to the oak grove, Bob sat backed up to a tree, comfortable, while Smudgie roamed the grove looking for Squirrels. Spotting one, Smudgie would bark and set there, keeping an eye on his find.. Bob ambled over and shot - not at the squirrel, but just under it -- he called it Barking -- to "explode" the squirrel off the branch. And Smudgie, quick as he was, caught the squirrel on the fly -- one quick shake and he'd drop his catch at Bob's feet. Yep, Bob was the helper for Smudgie -- smart as a whip, quick as a wink, pretty as a picture-- nice dog.

That was a "N.C. Tarheel" method that Bob taught to Smudgie - gave you time to relax, and maybe sip a bit of white lightning here and there too. Do things the easy way .

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