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- 31 August 98 - 31 August 98

Peep Sight Double Trouble

Bill Hall's .35 cal. Remington rifle had "peep sights", as opposed to the "open sights" on my 30-30 Winchester carbine. He knew of a .30 cal. Remington with "peep sights", available thru a neighbor who worked at the Lyman gunsight shop, near his home. Bill left his rifle with me to do some target practice and see how I liked the "peeps", circular rear apertures that you looked thru, rather than over, as on open sights. A small opening for precise shots, a larger opening for moving targets.

At a safe, remote spot in the woods, before I could set up a target, I heard the rattling sound of Deer running - down thru thick laurel on the hillside. Two deer broke out of the laurel, across an open 25 or 30 yard flat, my intended target area. The first was past, and down a steep bank into an adjacent swamp, before I could react. I snapped off a hurried shot, thru the larger "peep" opening as the second deer neared the drop-off.

I went to the edge of the flat area to look out over the swamp, also heavily covered with laurel bushes, scanned the area for some time -- nothing -- then yes, a movement about 100 yds out. A deer, hard to see lying down, turning its head about -- must have wounded it after all.

Flick the rear sight to the small aperture, use a tree for a steady rest, carefull aim behind the shoulder - POW - heavy sound, that .35 cal, but less "kick" than the short barrelled 30-30 carbine. The head dropped, the deer never even flinched -- got it! Hustle down the steep bank, and Holy Cow -- stumbled over a deer lying at the bottom of the bank - a clean shot behind the shoulder. Darn it, two deer, down thru an automatic reaction. Some turn of events - no intent to do any hunting, and thru a reflex action, two deer on the ground - it upset me no end. Can't undo what happened, so I cleaned both deer, left them where they lay, drove home and phoned Bill - Told him his "peep" sights and gun were very good. Now come on over and help me drag two deer out of the woods.

I bought the .30 cal. Remington pump, an earlier version of Bill's .35 cal. rifle - just rebarrelled by a top flite gunsmith at the Lyman shop. Peep sights, a compass mounted in the stock, accurate, and more comfortable on the ears than the 30-30 carbine. Nice gun, kept that one, and later found a .22 cal Remington Pump rifle - a little brother - to go along with it, a real nice pair.

Along about the mid 70's, I gave the .30 cal to Rick's Nephew, Barney, who hunted in the Glades and after a few years Barney passed this nice old gun on to Rick (couldn't get ammo for it any more - except a half box here or there at gun shows) and now Rick has the pair of these nice guns - to pass on to his son Todd when the time comes.

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