Dad's Memories - VENTURE SMITH

- 18 November 98 - 22 November 98

VENTURE Smith - A Real Haddam Neck Legend 

and Author of

A NARRATIVE -of the- LIFE AND ADVENTURES -of- VENTURE A NATIVE OF AFRICA, But Resident Above Sixty Years in the United States of America RELATED BY HIMSELF 

Originally Printed in 1798

VENTURE'S Story is presented here with commentary from many sources - both print and "web" 

Compiled by R.E. Langdon

FROM: UNCHAINED VOICES - An anthology of Black Authors in the English Speaking World of the 18th Century, ...c 1996, by The University Press of Kentucky, Vincent Carretta - Editor


I have intentionally not included literary analyses of the works in this anthology in order to avoid, as much as possible, the appearance of trying to direct the ways they are read and interpreted. My goal has been to give an accurate introductory historical context for a collection of reliably edited and annotated primary texts, many of which have been hitherto unavailable. .......

Except where indicated, I have chosen first editions as copy-texts. Spelling (including the various spellings of proper names) and punctuation have not been modernized unless the original usage would confuse or mislead a twentieth-century reader. The eighteenth-century long "s" has been replaces throughout. Obvious errors in printing, such as dropped or inverted letters, have been silently corrected.


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