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- 08 September 98 - 08 September 98

That Cast Iron Pot from Maine

Roaming the Maine backwoods - on the hunting trip when we brought home that " Biggest Buck" - I came upon a long abandoned house foundation. Nothing left but some stones scatterred about -- and a very large iron pot, 2ft wide and 16 inches deep. I marked the location on my Topo map, called partner Bill, and we rummaged about a bit but found no other " treasures". This was way back in the woods, we wondered who would elect to live there, and went back to hunting.

At home, recounting our adventures to Grace, I mentioned seeing that enormous iron pot lying in the woods - what could anyone do with such a pot? And Grace, researcher of many things, dug into her endless sources of information. Large iron pots were primarily used to "render" animal leftovers and make a coarse soap. Smart gal that Grace!

Next summer on our annual camping vacation, Grace thought it would be a nice days hike, and picnic, to go look for "that big Pot". We did find the place, them Topo maps are handy, and the pot was there, buried under weeds. Now the boss says-- "that would make an unusual flower pot, a conversation piece. Could we bring it home ?" Yes, my love. Cut two youmg saplings to make a litter, tie the pot on, upside down, and we worried our long way -with help from the boys- back to the car -- and home to Glastonbury.

At home we set the pot alongside the driveway and kept it full of Annuals - and it was always a conversation piece - for the neighbors, and guests at the house. When it came time for us to transfer to Florida, at Pratt & Whitney's "invitation", it was frozen solid, in late December. Our pot presented a problem for moving, and no way would we leave it for the new owners. Had Rick build a fire on the frozen dirt, and keep it burning for a week, scraping out the softened dirt each day, till he reached bottom.. Ready to go now, Mama.

Had our rare "flower pot" at the Shores, at the Condo in Jensen Beach, and now here - alongside the driveway, on Indian River Drive, Ft. Pierce. Kept flowers in it --till this year-- now I've just moved a nice Pineapple plant into the pot, it's looking great and I'll have another nice juicy Pinneapple next year.

Thinking about bringing home that iron pot made me recall something else -- about the "fun" Bill & I had while coming home with Mr Big Buck -- but that's for another time.

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