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Dad's Memories

- 27 August 98 - 04 September 98

Uncle Art & Aunt Clara's Trip to Europe - 1970

Perhaps, in part, because the Langdon family had somewhat disbursed throughout the country by the time they made this trip - after coming home, Uncle Art sat down and typed out (a 28 page) memoir of their trip. Dad has one copy of this manuscript and passed it on to be included among his "tales". 

In looking thru Aunt Jeanette's photo's & memorabelia, I came across another copy as well as a postcard from Paris.

I've broken it up (just a little bit, along with taking just a little bit of editorial liberty for posting/publication) - but the full story is here. 

Soooo, on to ---

"Bidets to Bullfights"

c - Arthur J. Langdon -1970

013a -- Home to New York & the flight to Paris

013b -- Paris - "Introduction to 'Bidets', foreign currencies, paper conservation & resolution of the hotel key problem"

013bb - Paris - "The Champs Elysee, have I already become a native?"

013c -- Zwiebrucen & Kaiserslatern, Germany - "Search for Aunt Clara's ancestors"

013ca..Postcard from Paris to Aunt Jeanette & Uncle Milt, 03 August 1970 ------------- 04 September 98

013d -- Paris to Lyon, and "The flower children"

013e -- Lyon to Nice - "Thru the French Alps, an adventure in itself !! "

013f -- Nice - "French Parfum for the females of the family"

013g -- Monaco - "Departure from the tour & Old Lady Luck, was by our side"

013h -- Nice to Marsailles to Toulouse to Labastile - "Cousin Fred"

013i -- Toulouse to Barcelona to Madrid - "Flamenco Dancers"

013j -- Madrid to Lisbon - "The Bull Fights"

013k -- Lisbon - more taxi tales, shopping, and adventure in trying to find some "Good old American home cooking - A Chinese Restaurant"

013l -- Lisbon - Saturday, a national holiday, no shopping, and "bait" for lunch

013m -- A growing restlessness, and it's Lisbon to New York to HOME a day early

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