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- 22 February 99 - 22 February 99

Miracles Do Happen ... good neighbors, good friends & good samaritans

In October '98, after Rick & I travelled back to Connecticut, I flew to Colorado, to spend time with Jim, and celebrate my Birthday (85). Caught a cold on the flite that stayed around for the two weeks out there, but had a good visit never-the -less. The flite home also was a bummer - plane trouble delayed our 7PM ETA, so that it was after midnite when the Limo driver dropped me off at home... completely beat. In the AM our Dr diagnosed Pneumonia. Called a neighbor, Ida Hawkins, to drive me to the hospital, and bring my car home.

When I came home from this trek, Hurricane Mitch had left enormous debris around the house-- palm fronds, air plants, broken branches - just an awful mess. After a few days of looking at the mess, I called the local High School, to see if any students might want to clean up the debris, at $10/hr. Had no takers, and after another week the mess bothered me. It was an eyesore in the neighborhood.

Then, early one morning, four men knocked on the door -- "Good morning, we're from the Men's Club of the Presbyterian Church in PSL, and we've come to clean up the debris in your yard".

The four men, strangers to me, spent a couple of hours working and did clean up everything. I invited them in when they finished, had some good Coor's beer in the fridge, and we relaxed for a bit. Ida Hawkins, a good friend neighbor, had mentioned my problem at church and they decided to be Good Samaritans. In thanks, I wrote them a $100 check , over their objections, for their church building fund. They'd collectively spent more than 10 manhours on the job, where I'd tried unsuccessfully to hire some students at $10/hr.

Good neighbors, good friends, good samaritans, good deeds. -- Thanks!

That afternoon, tho I was not supposed to be driving yet, I did drive to a local Convenience store to get gas. On the way across the parking lot to pay, I noticed something crumpled up on the ground. Looked like a folded up dollar bill and I picked it up, stuffed it in my pocket, and continued on to pay for the gas -- forgot about the pickup.

At home I empty keys, change, etc. on top of the dresser... Out came this tightly folded thing-- and it opened up to be a brand new $100 bill!!! Right after me writing a same sized check to those Good Samaritans !!

Yes --- MIRACLES DO HAPPEN --- I figured it had to be an omen or something on that order, and decided not to go back and ask who dropped a $100 bill out on the parking lot.

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