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Day 13 - Tuesday, 11 March 1997

- 02 June 97 -14 July 97

Innsbruck, Austria

Glad that we revised the train route. Departure time was about an hour & a half earlier (09:05 vs 10:31) with almost the same arrival time (12:35 vs 12:30) but we have no doubt that the trip was thru more picturesque countryside - and we were not in any hurry. The southern route took us much more thru the Alps. Lots of small villages throughout the countryside and meadows with hay barns. In the lower altitudes, we could see snow on the mountains but the fields were bare and greening up.

As we climbed West - into the mountains from Schwarzach St. Veit, it was apparent it was getting colder and by the time we reached Zell am See the snow was much more evident. Pulling into Zell am See, Barb sort of squealed at the sight of the lake still completely frozen over. (It was the first time that she had seen a frozen lake!!) By the time we reached Kitzbuhl, snow was covering the fields and skiers were out "in force" both in the downhill areas and on the cross country trails on the flats - neat. After Kitzbuhl, we went downgrade and joined our original (planned) route at Worgl then followed the valley of the River Inn to Innsbruck.

Checked in at the Info bureau at the Innsbruck Hbf and picked up "48 Hour Innsbruck Cards" - good for all transport for 2 days including the lifts into the mountains both North and South of Innsbruck then got cabs to our hotel, The Romantik Hotel - Schwartzer Adler, a beautiful old (modernized) Inn at the corner of UniversitatsstraBe and KaiserjagerstraBe, about 400m from the heart of Innsbruck's "old city" and ~ 2km from the Innsbruck Hbf. Got checked then walked North about 1.5km to the Hungerburg Bahn and Nordkette Cable Car to Seegrube. The weather was perfect, clear and about 65-70 in Innsbruck and about 55-60 up at Seegrube. The ride up and the view from Seegrube were fantastic. Had our afternoon coffee break on the mountain while we watched the skiers and just chilled with the view. Liked it so much, we caught the last car down!!

The restaurant at the Schwatzer Adler was a bit fancier than we wanted, so we found a GREAT little restaurant about 100m around the corner (toward the railroad tracks) - The Burgtaverne, UniversitatsstraBe 28, with reasonably priced, "Grub Gott", and a very friendly owner, Raimuld Schnegg. We liked this place so much, we ended up eating dinner with Raimuld all three nights we spent in Innsbruck. Capped off the evening with a short walk to and thru the "old town" - had to do something to shake down the good grub.

Had another wonderful day. Going to Igls & Patscherkofel tomorrow (South Side).

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