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Day 17 - Saturday, 15 March 1997

- 15 July 97

Zurich, Switzerland - Day trip to Vaduz, Lichtenstein

Got trip directions last night on our walk about. Train back to Sargans, then get a round trip bus ticket from Sargans to Vaduz and return. Ate breakfast at the Hotel this morning (felt like I needed to at least put on a dress shirt) then back to "travelin' clothes" and we walked back to the station to catch the 09:33 - 10:32 train to Sargans. Back along the lake shore. Between the end of the lake and arriving at sargans we saw some of the only remaining WW II remenants we saw on our entire trip - some anti tank abatis, and, near Sargans - some bunkers on the hill sides.

Lichtenstein is small (~ 5 miles wide and 10 miles long) with most of it quite mountainous. Vaduz, the capital, is on the western side of the mountains as it drops down into the valley of the Rhein River, about 1 Km from "downtown". They share currency and diplomats with Switzerland - but not stamps, so everyone wants stamps from Lichtenstein - and we did what we could to satisfy those "wants". Walked around the downtown area for 2-3 hours, including lunch then back tracked to Zurich for the evening.

Checked out "all the shops" in the Zurich Hbf, there's a quite extensive mall under the station. Had dinner at the "Made in USA Bistro" in the station, and sent Todd an email greeting from their Cyber Cafe in the restaurant. Called it a night fairly early, walked back to the hotel, retrieved a ,essage from Todd and chilled.

Off on a day trip in the morning to visit with Poloma and Felipe (friends of Barbara & Bo) in Geneve.

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