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Day 19 - Monday, 17 March 1997

- 03 October 97

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

We're off to Luxembourg this morning after three busy days out of and around Zurich. Had one of only a few "train change" stops planned for this segment of our trip - 20 minutes to change from a Paris bound train to a Brussels Bound train at Basel, France. The time was sufficient, but there was no time to "waste" in moving from one to the other. We arrived and detrained at one end of the station and had to make our way to the other end, and thru only the third border control station of our trip (Paris & Basel,France and Salzburg, Austria), to catch our outbound train. Have to admit though that the entry or exit processing was no "problem" at any of the border stations.

Arrived in Luxembourg at noon and determined that our Hotel Nobilis was only about 1/4 mile away and walked to the hotel. Bo had come up with a "gimpy leg" on our walk-about in Geneve yesterday - may have pulled something coming up the ramp from the boat at lunch - and even this walk was a bit of a strain. Had lunch in a sort of mini-mall on the ground floor under the hotel then Lin, Barb, & Rick headed out for an afternoon walk thru the city. Bo decided to pass this afternoon's walk-about and rest with some linamint.

Walked up the Av de la Gare, across the Viaduc, out on the Citadelle St. Espirit and Luxembourgs war memorial, then continued up Blvd FDR to the CENTRE. Again, as we have found in so many European cities, the streets in the city center have been closed to traffic and the city center is a pedestrian zone. (US cities could really take some lessons!!) Spent a few hours just relaxing and wandering. The city centre is high up on a natural citadel above the Vallee De La Petrusse with lovely views of the valley from the bridges, all along the Blvd FDR, and nice parks and overlooks at Citadell St. Espirit and the Place de la Constitution. Crossed the vallee again on Pont Adolphe and walked back down to the hotel via Ave de la Liberte.

Luxembourg does have it's own currency (the Luxembourg Franc) but the most common currency, and the one exchanged at the train station, is the Belgian Franc. Because of this, we only have a few Luxembourg coins, received as change, to add to our "unexchanged" coinage collection.

There was heavy reconstruction - all underground utilities - in the street in front of our hotel that didn't quit for the night until about 9PM. Had a light dinner up the street from the hotel and turned in early. Took time tonight to review and inventory all of our goodies and keepsakes and compile a list to make things easier during exit and customs. We're all a bit depressed that the trip is coming near it's end.

Back to Brussels in the morning.

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