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Day 21 - Wednesday, 19 March 1997

- 06 October 97

Brussels, Belgium to Atlanta, Ga to Birmingham, Al USA and HOME

Woke up early, about 6 AM, and opened up the restaurant at the hotel. Did not know quite what to expect for departure processing so we planned to leave early. The return flight was scheduled to leave at 11:30. Caught cabs from the hotel around 08:00 and worked our way thru heavy morning traffic to the airport, arriving just before 09:00. Checked in, outprocessed and by about 10:30 we were headed for the departure gate. The international departure concourse is at least a half mile long, and naturally we were departing from the very end gate. Glad they had moving sidewalks along the length of the concourse!!

The flights back were ....... long and cramped - 'nuff said.

Landed in Atlanta at 3:10PM (local time) - relcaimed bags - checked thru customs (& paid our "excess" import duty) checked the bags thru to Birmingham, and headed for the departure gate for Birmingham about 4:00. Bo & Barbara took the airlines "courtesy transport" to the departure gate - due to Bo's still gimpy leg - while Lin & Rick "walked". We arrived at about 4:20 (for the 5:22 flight) and were getting were getting concerned when Barb & Bo were not there. They finally arrived about 5:05 after boarding calls had already started being called.

Arrived in Birmingham at 5:20PM (local time), were met at the airport by Todd, and arrived home about 6:30PM. Todd and the Hawkins had decorated the deck with "welcome home" signs and balloons, and there were "licks all around" from Boz. Finally crashed about 10PM (5AM Brussels time) after a very long day chasing the sun.

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