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Day 3 - Saturday, 01 March 1997

-25 April 97 - 12 July 97

Visit Brussels, Belgium - (on our own)

We took advantage of having nothing but a day on our own planned, "slept in" 'till after 7 this morning and had a nice "complimentary" breakfast at the hotel (including chocolate "worms" baked in breakfast rolls). We headed out around 9 to explore Brussels via the Metro System. Great system and great system map - I believe you can get within 2 or 3 blocks of anywhere you might want to go on the Metro, provided you know where you're going. There were three things we wanted to do today - check out the Gare du Midi and Gare Centrale (Train Stations - where we'd be coming & going a few times), go back and walk around The Grand Place and the area around it, and locate the hotel where we had reservations for the last night of our trip (The Hotel La Madeleine).

Walked "a bunch" in our explorations, particularly in hunting for the hotel. We had the address but found out that two streets (in the same area) had similar names. Included a lot of the area around Central Station / the Parc Du Bruxelles / and the Kathedraal St. Michiels in this walk before we found it about 100 yards off of The Grande Place, just around the corner from the Galeries Royal St. Hubert and about 2 1/2 blocks from central station. If we had seen it yesterday, we probably would not have had such a lengthy walking tour today (I should have printed the access map included in the hotels web site). Maybe just as well - we enjoyed the walk.

Ended up back at The Grand-Place, found our way to Brussels "famous little boy" Manneken-Pis and stuck around for night fall and the lights to come on in the square. We had seen The Grande Place many times prior to coming on our trip thru a pair of "Live Cams" on the internet. Had Belgiam waffels with whipped cream & chocolate for a late afternoon coffee & snack stop, yummmmm but we better not do that too often.

The Mimes were back and we enjoyed their antics, particularly their interaction with the children. Had a good day! Off to visit Paris in the morning.

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