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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 1 - Thursday, 27 February 1997

The Flight to Brussels, Belgium

- 24 April 97 -26 May 97

Lin, Melanie Hawkins, and Mrs. Jaynes visit at the Birmingham Airport prior to going to the gate to leave for Atlanta & Brussels

File size = 49.1Kb (Revised to 10.0Kb)

Lin, Melanie, & Mrs. Jaynes at BHM Airport

Bo & Barbara check in for our flight from Birmingham

File Size = 46.3Kb (Revised to 5.4Kb)

Bo & Barbara check in at BHM

In-flight screen/map showing our first "look" at Belgium & the European continent (you can't see much from the center seats of a "wide body" L-10) it's just a way to get from point "A" to point "B"

File size = 43.4Kb (Revised to 8.1Kb)

In Flight screen-map


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