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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 10 - Saturday, 08 March 1997

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Munich, Germany

- 05 May 95 - 26 May 97

Barrel Head on the wall of the foyer to the Hofbrauhaus & the key chain Lin got as a gift -- from her "grandsons"
Hofbrauhaus Barrel HeadHBH Key Chain

Lin with 2 of her "grandsons" - Scott Boyle & John Sullivan (Sullie)

File Size = 47.1Kb (Revised to 11.4Kb)

Lin, Scott, & Sullie

Photo collage of HofBrauhaus Images

File size = 83.7Kb (Revised to 31.3Kb)

Images from the Hofbrauhaus

Barb, Lin, & Scott at the Hofbrauhaus

File size = 34.2Kb (Revised to 8.4Kb)

Barb & Lin at the Hofbrauhaus


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