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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 12 - Monday, 10 March 1997

- 29 May 97

Neptune Fountain & Horse Pond in the Kapitelplatz below the Fortress of Hohen Salzburg

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Horse Pond - Salzburg

The Fortress of Hohen Salzburg

File Size = 7.2Kb

Fortress of Hohen Salzburg-SNAPPY

From Hohen Salzburg - SW toward the Untersberg 1853m, Berchtesgaden & Konnigsee center -- The large building at the bottom is the Salzburg Municipal Home for Senior Citizens

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Images of Dachau - collage

Zoom in on the Untersberg - note cable car to the left of the peak

(If you look closley, you can even see the cable!!!)

File size = 10.8Kb

Cable Car - to the Untersberg-SNAPPY

Overlooking the "old town" area of Salzburg & the River Salzach.

This was the only smog or air pollution we saw on our trip.

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Salzburg (Old Town) & the Salzach-SNAPPY

Konnigsee (635m) - about 10 km South of Berchtesgaden

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Zoom in on Hang Gliders "stepping off" Honer Goll (2523m) above Konigssee

File size = 6.1Kb

Hang Gliders above Konigssee-SNAPPY

Zoom in - The Eagles Nest on the Kehlstein Ridge (1834m) - from Konigssee

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The Eagles Nest-SNAPPY

Hang Glider above the Eagles Nest - from Konigssee

File size = 4.5Kb

Hang Glider above The Eagles Nest-SNAPPY


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