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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 18 - Sunday, 16 March 1997

- 02 October 97

Vineyards & Villages on Lac Leman near Lausanne, Switzerland

File size = 8.6Kb

Lac Lemane near Lausanne

Our Hosts & Guides - Philippe & Paloma

File Size = 10.6Kb

Felipe & Paloma - Geneva (Geneve) Switzerland

Lin & Rick at Lac Leman - Geneve (Fountain in BG)

File size = 13.2Kb

Fountain - Lac Leman - Geneve, Switzerland

Carved stump of a Sequoia at Jardin Anglais - Geneva

File size = 8.6Kb

Carved Sequoia at Jardin Anglais - Geneva

Flower clock at Jardin Anglais - Geneve

File size = 12.3Kb

Flower Clock at Jardin Anglais - Geneva

Sailing Barge, Lac Leman - Geneve

File size = 20.0Kb

Sailing Barge at Lac Leman -  Geneve, Switzerland

The old & the new at the entrance gate to "Old Geneve"

File size = 16.4Kb

Ent. to Old Geneve

Cathedrale St-Piere, "Old" Geneve

File size = 16.0Kb

Cathedrale St-Piere, Old Geneve

Group photo at Geneve

Philippe, Rick, Paloma, Lin, Bo

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Group photo - Geneve

Playing chess near the Monument de la Reformation

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Chess players - Geneve, Switzerland

Our friend "Little Boy - Aloe" kept us entertained on the ride back to Zurich

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Little Boy Aloe - on the train back to Zurich


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