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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 2 - Friday, 28 February 1997

Brussels, Belgium

- 24 April 97 - 26May 97

Our guide explains the history of Brussels "Le Grande Place / Grote markt" ------------------------ (I forgot to reset the date feature on my camera)

File size = 49.8KbKb (Revised to 10.7Kb)

Guide at Le Grande Place - Brussels-SNAPPY IMAGE

The Galeries Royales St. Hubert - near Le Grand Place

File Size = 53.3Kb (Revised to 11.0Kb)

Galeries Royales St. Hubert - Brussels- SNAPPY IMAGE

"The Atomium" in the Parc des Expositions (site of the 1958 Worlds Fair)

File size = 46.9Kb (Revised to 5.3Kb)

The Atomium - Brussels- SNAPPY IMAGE

Street cars /Trams on the street in front of the atomium. Brusssels operates one of only a few street cars systems remaining in the world. The combination of buses, trams/street cars, and subways operated by the Brussels Metro System makes getting around "easy".

File size = 47Kb (Revised to 7.8Kb)

Streer cars / Tram in front of The Atomium - Brussels-SNAPPY IMAGE

Belgian Lace collar display at the louise VERSCHUEREN Lace Manufactory

File size = 54.6Kb (Revised to 13.5Kb)

Belgian Lace display at louise VERSCHUEREN-SNAPPY IMAGE


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