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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 5 - Monday, 03 March 1997

Brugge, Belgium

- 22 April 97 - 26 May 97

Brugge Square. This photo was taken to "match", as closely as possible, the image on the jigsaw puzzle that Lin found at our local Wal-Mart and put together prior to our trip to Europe.

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Brugge Square

Paul and his students after our lunch meeting at the school

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Sint-Lodewijkscollege Coat of Arms (SNAPPY IMAGE)

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Paul & Students at Sint-LodewijkscollegeSint-Lodewijkscollege - Coat of Arms

LEFT to RIGHT: Peter "MAC" De Berdt, Tine Willems, Freike Segers, Rebecca Devriese, Pieterjan Naeyoert, Pieter Jan Leroy, Rick Langdon, Linda Langdon, "Bo" Austin, Barbara Austin, kneeling - Paul De Meyer (Check out the Birmingham Bulls Hockey Jersey!)

(Click here for a full size image - 300 dpi, 202.0Kb Revised to 147.0Kb)

Minnewater Park on our walking tour with Carl

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Minnnewater Park

The Beguinage, founded in 1245. Currently occupied by the Sisters of the St. Benedict Order, on our walking tour with Carl. A favorite "restful place" of Sir Winston Churchill while visiting Brugge.

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The Beguinage

Carl explains to "Bo" & Barbara the history of one of Brugge's "Bath Streets"

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Carl, our walking tour guide-SNAPPY IMAGE

Paul & Rick visit Brugge's oldest Pub to cap off a wonderful visit

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Paul and Rick - evening out


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