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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 6 - Tuesday, 04 March 1997

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-01 May 97 -26 May 97

The Princengracht, Amsterdam - Our hotel was about half way down on the left. The "blocks" are LONG, in the far distance you can see a bridge across the canal - this is a "block". We walked about 4 of these "blocks", past Amstel, turned around and came back - then about 6 or 7 "blocks" the other way to the Anne Frank Huis and back to the hotel.

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Amsterdam - The Princengracht

Statue of Anne Frank, just around the corner from the "Anne Frank Huis" where she and her family hid from the Nazi's

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Statue - Anne Frank

"Wooden Shoe" sailboat docked in The Princengracht (also seen in the lower left corner of the photo above) - it was dark by the time we got back from our walk to the Anne Frank Huis

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Wooden Shoe Sailboat

Amsterdam Centraal Station - we spent to much of our Amsterdam time here

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Amsterdam CS


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