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Rick's Images of Europe

Day 9 - Thursday, 06 March 1997

Munich, Germany

- 05 May 95 - 26 May 97

THIS is how comfortable the trains were! Bo takes a nap on the way to Munich. 1st Class Compartment - 6 seats (3 forward, 3 back) overhead luggare racks, big "picture window", table next to the window seats, & pull out tables at the inner & passageway seats - 1st class is -------- 1st class. With 21 days of EuRail Pass travel, the "slight" extra cost was worth it! And, at the time of year we took our trip, we did NOT have to (and didn't) make "reservations" on any trains except the Thalys, and never had to "share" the compartment.

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Bo naps on the way to Munich

Castle in the mist - Rhine Valley

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Castle in the mist - on The Rhine

Vineyards, Village, & Barge traffic on The Rhine

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Vineyards on The Rhine


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