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"Swamp Queen's" Land

The Indian River / Lake Okeechobee / The Everglades
21 June 2001

Rick, Lin, Bob & Charlotte joined with Barbra & Bo
to "check out" Lake Okeechobee & Project "STA-5"

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Lin, Charlotte & Bob Withers, & Barbara as we set out for the STA5 Works
4,118 Acres of restoration & Agricultural Area Run-off treatment 
just South of Raymond's Place


Sunrise on The Indian River
at Rick & Linda's Place

Lin & Charlotte
on the Hoover Dike
Lake "O" at Port Mayaca

Rossette Spoonbills

Lake "O" at Port Mayaca

Bob & Charlotte
searching for 'gators
at the Port Mayaca Locks

South Florida
Water Management District
Working in STA5

doing what it's designed to do
cleaning the Ag Area run-off