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Photo Album Tech Notes & Credits

- 26 May 1997 - 20 Aug 97

A note from Rick about the images linked at this site. The images included in our Europe Trip Diary were, for the most part, taken by Lin (35mm Print film, on Kodak Gold Film - ASA 200 with a Cannon "SureShot "Owl" , processed in Kodak chemicals, and Printed on Kodak Glossy print papers - or by Rick with a Sony 8mm HandyCam Video Camera on Sony P6-120, Video8, MP Metal particle tape. Where photo's were taken by others, they are credited.

Images were aquired and converted to digital format using one of the following methods:
Prints - were scanned with a Mustek Paragon 800SP flat bed scanner
Video Images - were aquired with Play's Snappy
Live Digital Camera - Connectix Color Quick Cam2

Digital Image editing:

Included with some of the devices listed above, and our Lexmark 2050 color ink jet printer, we have been provided many image editing software products. Each have their own strengths & weaknesses and we have come to use all of them from time to time.

The image pages linked in our "photo album pages" typically include 4 to 8 photo images per page - purely in consideration for page load times. With each photo having been saved at ~3" height x various width in JPEG Medium Resolution format at 72 pixels per inch. For the first 10 pages, images were initiallly manipulated and saved with Adobe's Photo Deluxe. For the sixty images linked, the initial total file size for these images was 2.86Mb, or an average of 47.6Kb per image. These 60 images were reloaded and saved using ArcSoft's PhotoImpression with a total file size of 722Kb for the 60 images, or an average of 12.0Kb per image. Subsequently, all photos (.JPG files) have had the final save made using one of the software products which allow user control of pixels/inch and compression level (I've found that a 40% to 50% jpeg compression yields a good online image) with the goal of creating a good viewable online image with a file size in the range of 15 - 35 Kb.



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