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Rick & Linda have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication with their friends and listmembers. ICQ empowers members with a very efficient means to exchange messages, chat, exchange files, exchange URL's, and launch other "DIRECT CONNECT" communications applications whenever they like, enableing them to share ideas and discuss similar interests. We encourage all visitors to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ-UIN (Universal Internet Number). We will list ICQ contact info for all visitors (who do) on our List of "Travelin' Partners" (The List), allowing quick contact with others with a common interest in travel.

To be added to this List: -Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

This list is presented as a forum and means or method for introducing people with a common interest in travel and meeting others - NOT as a blind / anonymous listing. If you elected to remain somewhat anonymous with your "official" ICQ listing data, that's your choice - but please - not here.

This list was published and included in the ICQ List of user created lists 14 August 97. We are gratified and pleased with the response and interest created by it's publication.

To omit your name from the list, or revise your listing, please - Rick, submit the information to be revised from the form on the next page.

ICQ List Name: Rick & Linda's - Travelin' Partners
Description / Purpose: To promote ease of connection & communication between friends we've met along the road of life - both in person and on-line.
Searchable Keywords: Travel, Partners, Friends, On-Line, Communication
Relevant Categories: Lifestyle Lists - Travellers & Travel Advice
ICQ ListMaster: Rick Langdon
Organization: REAL Data Services (That's us *grin* R.E. [Rick] and Lin, providing this data as a free service :-)
Location: Forestdale, Alabama USA


Rick & Linda's - TRAVELIN' PARTNERS (B)
Real Name Homepage Nickname Photo PAGE ADD Remarks Language
Denise Babb Speakeasy PAGE | ADD Hello, I love to travel. I am very much interested in a travelling partner. I am very interested in taking a trip to Europe this year. Please use my e-mail address, if this interests you. You can find it on my ICQ homepage.
HOME: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
POSTED: 01/99
Pascal Babin pabab PAGE | ADD Hello - I'm 25 years old - Looking for people of any age or sex and condition to go to India and around asia in mid summer 99 for a period of 1 year. I am also looking for volunteering there. Write to me please to join me on this trip or to help me finding a place to volunteer in Asia. Thank's.
HOME: Montreal, Quebec - Canada
POSTED: 03/99
English, French
Ferran Badia ferranb PAGE | ADD I've been to several contries in europe and the U.S. I'd like to begin making trips all over the world and find new people. Preferred - North & South America and the Pacific. The city I LOVE - Barcelona.
HOME: Bellaterra, Spain
POSTED: 11/97
Spanish, English
Rand Bard Vancoverite PAGE | ADD Very flexible about destinations and times due to being self employed. Love Australia, very familiar with it. Would like to meet others who are in a similar situation.
HOME: W. Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada 
POSTED: 12/97
Gerrit Bezuidenhout MeetAfrica PAGE | ADD I"ve travelled to Egypt and the USA. Looking forward to visiting more countries one day :-)
LISTMASTER - South Africa ICQ List
My "personal website" was  started to introduce people to Africa and specifically South Africa. I'm looking to starting a tourist club as well where people (who are members of the club) can visit other members and see the "real" country, not just the Tourist view.
HOME:  Ceres, South Africa
posted:  01/2001
Afrikaans (but English is also ok)
Michael Bigham Wassir PAGE | ADD I'm a writer and traveler.  Paris is my favorite city, Italy my favorite country.
I've just returned from Ireland.
HOME:  The green hills of Oregon
posted:  08/2000
very bad French
Dany Billotta scarface PAGE | ADD I enjoy travelling, especially to places where I can dive, climb and eat typical food; I Have travelled to Great Britain, Polognia, Russia, Italia, Spain, Thailand 
Home : Marseille (South of France)
French, English, Russian
Analia Blanco Lana PAGE | ADD World traveler looking for fellow traveling addict who enjoys the culture and history of places as well as mixing with the locals. I am planning a trip on a budget that will take me around parts of Europe, but would like either someone to be my companion in different countries or people I can meet when i reach those cities so that i may take advantage of their guidance. Contact me if you feel like we could arrange something.
HOME: Buenos Aires, Argentina
English, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek
Philippe Blasco Zygomar PAGE | ADD Hi, I am a french male living in the Netherlands. The last travel was in Malaysia.  The most memorable in Russia so far. Plan trip to US South, Oct 2001.
HOME:  Utrecht, The Netherlands
POSTED:  06/2001
English, Francais
Thora Blyth Boo-Boo PAGE | ADD My name is Thora Blyth, married with grown children. Home is in Gympie,Queensland Australia, a small semi rural town 40 mins from the coast. I have travelled to England,Ireland, Scotland, Europe, Phillipines, Fiji,Bali, and America. I lived in Papua New Guinea for 12 years, & always worked in Real Estate. I still want to do a lot more travelling. Anyone travelling to Queensland may be interested in contacting me.
POSTED: 03/99
Hilde Bogaerts Nightingale PAGE | ADD I am 37... planning on doing a backpack trip for a month...I am looking for a traveling partner for destination Australia & New Zealand. Any information is welcome.. addresses to stay, experiences, anything... Please contact me. Have space available to receive backpackers/tent campers at our home.
HOME: Beringen, Belgium
Nederlands, English, Francais
Sheba Bolick Sheba PAGE | ADD studies.. Europe.. laugh.. love.. smile.. travel.. hiking.. camping..learn.. desire.. backpacking.. family.. friends.. open mind..open heart..
HOME: Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
Richard Bond Rick2 PAGE | ADD Hairdresser / Business Consultand HD, I have travelled extensively to date and am planning a round the world trip - Aug/Sep '99.
HOME: Cornwall, UK 
Boon south PAGE | ADD I am living in Thailand.I have been to Europe and some countries in asia such as Malaysia,Singapore,Hongkong and Indonesia. I like the sea. If anyone need information for traveling in Thailand ,I am happy to assist.
HOME: Songkla, Thailand
English & Thai
Bill Boone luckydude PAGE | ADD Not full-timin yet but 8 months, 20 states, 11,000 miles in '00. 

Been to Europe several times and it's beautiful.  Nothing to compare to the Rockies or many other places in good ol' U.S. of A. 

This year, July, we'll be travelling to Quartzsite, up the coast to Akaska, be working 6 weeks at Salesika SRA on the Kiani Peninsula  north of Homer. If you see the Safari with the flying eagle on the back stop and say hello. 

Channel 19 -  "The Eagle"

We (Shirley and Bill) will appreciate any helpful advice or listen to "war stories" of the last frontier's roads. 

HOME:  Tomball, Texas USA

posted:  12/2000
revised:  01/2001
some German
Jan Boonstra Jan PAGE | ADD We have travelled Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgie, England, Ireland, Russia, and China by Transsiberie Expresse. In '99 we like to go to South Korea. We have a little motorhome, but we like to travel by train or car too. We like to meet people and to see other cultures. We are in our early 50's and we are a working couple but like to travel so much as we can. 
HOME: Helmond, The Netherlands
English, Dutch
Silvia Borges silnick PAGE | ADD Hi, my name is Silvia and my husband's is Nick. We love to travel with our kids. We've been to Europe, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, almost all of Canada and the US. I'm originally from Brazil and have lots of info about it. We love to get in touch with people who travel with kids. Hope to hear from you soon! Silvia and Nick
HOME: Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
English, Portuguese, French, and some Spanish
Andrei Bourtsev mythOOX PAGE | ADD 29 male living in NY. I went to Spain, Ireland, Canada, Morocco and I'm travelling around 04/15/99 to Siberia to see my dad and go on to wilderness adventure. Anyone who would like to join e-mail me soon - fun guaranteed!!!
HOME: New York, New York USA
POSTED: 04/99
English, Russian
Joseph Boyle jboyle PAGE | ADD Live in Oakland, California. Have been to central & southern China, Egypt, Kenya, Peru, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali. Planning on Turkey. English, a little of everything else
Mario Bozzi Boksic PAGE | ADD I am 38 yo dermatologist...but I like more travelling and fishing.
HOME: Napoli, Italy
Posted: 04/99
Italian, Spanish & English
Steve Bradford caddy PAGE | ADD Health Care Consultant - Travel Frequently. Usually East of the Mississippi.
HOME: Ringgold, Georgia USA
Brenda Bradley BilliB PAGE | ADD Leaving for two weeks in Mexico on Nov 20th.
HOME: Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada
English, a little French
Mike Brennan Brezh PAGE | ADD Enjoy camping and day hiking or bike trips in US. Would like to go to Peru late summer/fall 99, looking for someone to go with.
HOME: Iowa City, Iowa USA
English, Spanish
Nicole Briscoe Nikki PAGE | ADD I have recently tidied up all things (ie resigning from my job and selling my house) and once I've done some travelling around Australia I am going to head overseas. Initially I will spend a few months in the US and then I will head for Europe possibly basing myself in either London or Edinburgh. I'm 23 and have decided that life COULD be too short to sit in an office only looking out at the rest of the world rather than taking part! I love to meet people and if I am able to meet some interesting people prior to my travels that would be great.
HOME: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sean Brooks Rinjani PAGE | ADD I am a 28 yo male from Kelowna, British Colombia Canada. I have been traveling for 11 years now and have "seen all" of Canada, The USA, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. I work as a paramedic/carpenter to finance my travels and studied Geography at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. I would like to find a travel partner - where in the world does not matter as long as it's interesting (India/Nepal/Madagasgar/ Tibet/Thailand/etc.) When & where is something we would discuss if we are compatible travel partners. English
Jason Buckland Jase PAGE | ADD Hello all! I have been to Bali, Hawaii and over most of the east coast of Australia. In august i am going on a camping tour through the Northern Territory and Western Australia. To travel has been one of my goals for years, but i am finally making it all happen! The beginning of 2000, I am planning a trip through S. America, Europe, England, the US and where-ever else inbetween. Would be great to meet some people or have some contacts. Time will not be a consideration in the planning, I cannot settle down until I have stretched my legs! Any information or suggestions will be appreciated. Likewise if you are planning a trip to Oz, drop me a line. 
HOME: Sydney, Australia
POSTED: 05/99
Vladimir Bugarski Buggy PAGE | ADD Comments -later-
HOME: Rijeka, Croatia
Jerry Bush Flair PAGE | ADD Ready to retire in May and have our motorhome waiting for us. Have several trips planned for this summer, would like to contact others with simular interests.
HOME: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Bill Butler BB PAGE | ADD Traveled all over US. Like to car camp and backpack. Live in NC and look forward to living in the Pacific NW ;-)
HOME: Raleigh, North Carolina - USA
Carlo Buzzichelli Buzzy PAGE | ADD I live in a nice town between Siena and Florence, I've travelled a lot around Europe and also to Tunisia, Senegal, Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Tahiti. Going to the US (California) and Spain this year. I enjoy showing my beautiful area to my friends from all over the world and also visiting them at their place. If you are coming to Italy, then you MUST get in touch with me.
HOME: Colle di Val d'Elsa, Italy
Italian, English, French, Spanish (a bit)
Christopher or Duchess Byers Chris-Duchess PAGE | ADD We have a nice little B & B guide on our website, right now we only have B & B's located in the US, but soon we will add the world.
HOME: Del Valle, Texas USA

To be added to this List: - Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

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