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Rick & Linda have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication with their friends and listmembers. ICQ empowers members with a very efficient means to exchange messages, chat, exchange files, exchange URL's, and launch other "DIRECT CONNECT" communications applications whenever they like, enableing them to share ideas and discuss similar interests. We encourage all visitors to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ-UIN (Universal Internet Number). We will list ICQ contact info for all visitors (who do) on our List of "Travelin' Partners" (The List), allowing quick contact with others with a common interest in travel.

To be added to this List: -Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

This list is presented as a forum and means or method for introducing people with a common interest in travel and meeting others - NOT as a blind / anonymous listing. If you elected to remain somewhat anonymous with your "official" ICQ listing data, that's your choice - but please - not here.

This list was published and included in the ICQ List of user created lists 14 August 97. We are gratified and pleased with the response and interest created by it's publication.

To omit your name from the list, or revise your listing, please - Rick, submit the information to be revised from the form on the next page.

ICQ List Name: Rick & Linda's - Travelin' Partners
Description / Purpose: To promote ease of connection & communication between friends we've met along the road of life - both in person and on-line.
Searchable Keywords: Travel, Partners, Friends, On-Line, Communication
Relevant Categories: Lifestyle Lists - Travellers & Travel Advice
ICQ ListMaster: Rick Langdon
Organization: REAL Data Services (That's us *grin* R.E. [Rick] and Lin, providing this data as a free service :-)
Location: Forestdale, Alabama USA


Rick & Linda's - TRAVELIN' PARTNERS (C)
Real Name Homepage Nickname Photo PAGE ADD Remarks Language
Mehmet Cabuk SessizGemi PAGE | ADD If you want to visit Turkey and meet some people , Visit me ! I am living in izmir in Turkey (3rd big city) I can take you wherever you want ! We can enjoy . Great to meet some
people !!!
HOMR:  Izmir, Turkey
posted:  06/2000
English, Turkish
Flavia Campos Amostrinha PAGE | ADD I´m interested in seeing the whole of Europe, travel a bit in the Orient, see India, Australia, and countries from South America. I've travelled in the US, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and Equador, and I'm eager to travel some more .... I'm a 21 yo student of psychology living in Lisboa, Portugal - home of Expo '98  English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Onur Camurlu urban0000 PAGE | ADD I'm a landscape architect and urban designer, so I like to travel every part of the world and make some new freinds.I live in ankara and istanbul in turkey.
posted:  03/2000
Turkish, English German
Andres Canton OleToro PAGE | ADD I am a gym teacher from Spain (Andalucia), am 27. I love travellling around Europe.  This year I'd like to go to Netherlands and Denmark, even to Norway and Sweden. If you are interested in visinting ANDALUCIA, in the south of Spain, look for me, please.
I can travel from July 1st to August 30th. 
posted:  01/2000
Spanish and English 
Wayne Carr Rolls Royce PAGE | ADD Love to cruise and take driving or guided tours. My wife and I travel at least 3-4 times a year to places all over the world. We live in the NE mountains of GA in an adult community on a lake so we boat & fish and I play golf & pool and travel via the computer. I'm a retired eletrical/electronics engineer. HOME: Blairsville, Georgia USA English
Charles Carrera charlie PAGE | ADD I was born in Canada, grew up in the US, and have lived in England for 18 years. I travel yearly to the USA and would like to meet potential travel partners 30+, pref. female, for trips to sunny locations.
HOME: The Midlands, England
David Cassidy butch PAGE | ADD Many interests and hobbies.
HOME: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Jennifer Chambers Jen PAGE | ADD Traveled extensively in the U.S. & Asia. Lived in Texas, Arizona, California & currently living in New York City. Love extreme sports, music, dancing, animals, and exploring new places & things. English
Michael Charalambous michael PAGE | ADD Special interest incoming tourism to Cyprus. HOME: Nicosia, Cyprus Englisch
Mohamed Chlendi CHM PAGE | ADD I'm living in the south of Tunisia, near the Mediterraneen sea (Djerba) and the desert (Sahara). I've been living in France for 8 years and visited France (of course), Germany, Morocco, Netherlands and Malaysia. I'm interested in chatting about travels, and why not exchanging visits all over the world.
HOME: Zarzis, Tunisia
POSTED: 04/99
Arabic (Mother tongue), French and English
Angela Chu AngieAn PAGE | ADD Hi ! 20 yr-old Chinese-Canadian, ....originally from Hong Kong....I have plans to travel to Montreal/Quebec City in April / May...then to Hong Kong / Japan / China for the remainer of the Summer....if you are also travelling that way...or if you'd like any information on Vancouver and/or Hong Kong...feel free to contact me!
HOME: Vancouver, British Colombia - Canada
POSTED: March 1999
Chinese, English, and little bits of Japanese and French
Sumeet Chugh Sumeet PAGE | ADD I love travelling to Jungles for wildlife phtography and to exotic nature spots.  India is full of nature and jungles and will like to hear from people with similar
HOME:  ??, India
POSTED:  10/2001
English, Hindi
Pablo Leandro Ciocchini Eco PAGE | ADD I'm from Argentina and I've travel all over my country, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.  I've also been in Europe. I've visisted England, Scotland and France. I'd like to know about
others countries and travel experiencies...
HOME:  La Plata, Argentina
posted:  11/1999
Spanish, English, French
Frederico M. Cohrs Zino PAGE | ADD As I Enjoy traveling, I'll be glad in Hosting you in my house. Brazil is just a fantastic country with many wonderful places to know.
HOME: Campo Grande-MS Brazil
Portugues, English
John Cooper holigost PAGE | ADD My home is in Somerset UK and I am interested in joining forces with like minded people for "painting holidays" companions On a "no obligation" basis
HOME:  Somerset, UK
posted:  05/2000
Alfonso Corredor ALF PAGE | ADD Let's try to exchange travels. I'll receive friends and they'll receive me - alone or with famlies.
HOME: Cali, Colombia
Spanish, English
Wendy Corry Breezy PAGE | ADD Hello, my name is Wendy, I am 32 and have a passion for travel. I love warm sunny tropical locations, long walks on the beach and relaxing in the sun with a fruity drink! I have recently found that I also adore Europe, I love the history, the culture, and the traditions. I love the quaint little villages where you get to meet people that you wouldn't normally get to meet in the big "touristy" places! It's so wonderful to try to communicate in a language you don't know, it always brings a smile to someone's face to do so! I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado right now but will be moving home to Texas very soon. English and Pequeno Espanol
Barbara Luciene Marques Cremm Babi PAGE | ADD I'm an accounting student of 20's and I love travelling. I have been to Florida-USA once, but in fact I love travelling all around my own country! It's a beautiful place with wonderful beaches, mountains and people/places are very welcoming. If you are planning come here, email me, I can help you find places to stay and I can give you details of better places to visit. You will love it! I'm sure!
HOME: Sao Paulo, Brazil
POSTED: 04/99
Portuguese, English
Dewight Crowley whitecrow8 PAGE | ADD My web site is designed to help people to get the most out of their visit to the North Carolina Mountains. I live 15 miles from Smoky Mountains National Park NC entance. I'm Generally online from 9 to 3 weekdays.
HOME: Whittier, North Carolina USA
POSTED: 03/99
Claire Crudgington Wonderwoman PAGE| ADD I am 21 yrs old and am travelling starting in Australia in mid October and i would like to have a friend to share the fun with. HOME: Essex, UK English

To be added to this List: - Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

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