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Rick & Linda have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication with their friends and listmembers. ICQ empowers members with a very efficient means to exchange messages, chat, exchange files, exchange URL's, and launch other "DIRECT CONNECT" communications applications whenever they like, enableing them to share ideas and discuss similar interests. We encourage all visitors to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ-UIN (Universal Internet Number). We will list ICQ contact info for all visitors (who do) on our List of "Travelin' Partners" (The List), allowing quick contact with others with a common interest in travel.

To be added to this List: -Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

This list is presented as a forum and means or method for introducing people with a common interest in travel and meeting others - NOT as a blind / anonymous listing. If you elected to remain somewhat anonymous with your "official" ICQ listing data, that's your choice - but please - not here.

This list was published and included in the ICQ List of user created lists 14 August 97. We are gratified and pleased with the response and interest created by it's publication.

To omit your name from the list, or revise your listing, please - Rick, submit the information to be revised from the form on the next page.

ICQ List Name: Rick & Linda's - Travelin' Partners
Description / Purpose: To promote ease of connection & communication between friends we've met along the road of life - both in person and on-line.
Searchable Keywords: Travel, Partners, Friends, On-Line, Communication
Relevant Categories: Lifestyle Lists - Travellers & Travel Advice
ICQ ListMaster: Rick Langdon
Organization: REAL Data Services (That's us *grin* R.E. [Rick] and Lin, providing this data as a free service :-)
Location: Forestdale, Alabama USA


Rick & Linda's - TRAVELIN' PARTNERS (W)
Real Name Homepage Nickname Photo PAGE ADD Remarks Language
Stephane Wagner Stef PAGE | ADD Frenchman, 26, travelled to Canada, USA, Mexico, French Guyana, Morroco, Mauritania, Senegal, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia. Give any advice about these countries and about my own.
HOME: Paris, France
French, English, Spanish
Abdul Wahab optimist PAGE | ADD I am located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. My travel interests are for european and US destinations. I am an engineer by profession. I love to tavel and love to meet people. I am planning my next trip to Paris by the first of April 99. English
Bill Watson Kiwi PAGE | ADD In my youth I lived in the UK and whilst there travalled extensively round Europe including behind, what was then the Iron Curtain. After three years in London I moved on to
Canada and lived and worked firstly in Toronto for 2 years then Calgary for 7 years. I returned to New Zealand to raise my children and are now returning to all the spots that I
enyoyed in days gone by. Last year, 1998, it was Italia and next year it will be Provence and the Cannels.  If anyone is interested in joining me you would be very welcome. Also if anyone is coming to New Zealand I would be happy to show them around.

HOME:  Auckland, New Zealand

POSTED:  11/1999
Tobias Webster Webtron PAGE | ADD Hi I am a 21 year old male from the UK looking for a female traveling partner. Ideally she should be about the same age. I want to see the world ! - and can't interest any of my college friends. I am currently on my final year of HND in electronics. The summer of 1998 is the best time for our travels. Looking forward to any replies from genuine females.
HOME: West Midlands, United Kingdom
Nicklas Wennstrom Piggy PAGE | ADD I'm a 19 year old male from Sweden and I love traveling. I just came back from the US after a year as a student. Next year I'm going backpacking in the US, Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaca, and Mexico.
HOME: Lulea, Sweden
Swedish, English, some Spanish
Christina Wiig Christina PAGE | ADD Travel is my passion. Been to Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Monaco, Finland, Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, Turkey etc. in Europe, USA (MN, NC, SC, CA, WO, IO, FL) and Beijing, China. Leaving for S E Asia within a short while: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore. Studying in Brisbane, Australia from July at Queensland University of Technology.
HOME: Bergen, Norway
English, Norwegian, French, Spanish
Larry Wilkinson agent47 PAGE | ADD Hi - I sell cruises and liesure travel for CruiseShipCenters in Vancouver, Canada. I have been through Europe, North Africa, Turkey to Nepal, Vancouver to Acapulco and lots of Mexico. Into mtn biking, martial arts, weight training, etc. I want to bike the kettle valley this summer (interior of BC very popular old train route. Maybe go to Oxaca to learn Spanish for a month or so with my 2 teen daughters this summer. Like to meet others with similar interests. (Snowbird, Australia, Mexico, S.USA, or?? also of interest for future.)
HOME: Port Coquitlam, British Colombia - Canada
POSTED: 05/99
English and a bit of Spanish
Lee & Maurice Williams lee PAGE | ADD Have enjoyed some travel through parts of U.S., England, Europe, S. America, and several Carribean islands. Operate "The Puffin Inn B&B" at our home in Maine Spring/Summer/Fall and now enjoy spending winter months in Southern Florida.
Home: Ogunquit, Maine USA
POSTED: 05/99
John Withington noj PAGE | ADD Interested in S. America travel tips. Have been to Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, Sumatra, Nepal , India if anyone wants travel tips. Mountains, nature & cultural sites are the main things I am interested in.
HOME: Lancaster, UK
Ernie White ernie PAGE | ADD Lin's cousin

Ft. Meyers, Florida USA

Rod Wissam skieitt PAGE | ADD Hi, I'm a 33 year old professional worker (Federal Law Enforcement) looking for a female with a pleasant personality, aged between 25-35, to travel with me to Asia, Europe, America, Canada, Alaska, and New Zealand for 6 months (or part of the trip) commencing about 15 September 1999 from Sydney. Share expenses and room, etc.

If you're interested, please contact me via ICQ or email at skieitt98@nlc.net.au or, if in Australia, my mobile is 0414-414912. Prefer a person who likes to snow ski and enjoys a party :-). Hope to hear from you - Rod
Homepage - under construction

HOME: Sydney, NSW, Australia

English (learning French but only just started)
George Wolford GeorgeW PAGE | ADD I am 76 years old and retired. I travel extensively in the US and Canada. I travel in a 30 foot Travel Trailer pulled by a Suburban. Have visited all of Canada, the US and some of Mexico. I usually travel in the south and southwest in the winter season. Have written several articles about our travels. Some have been published.My wife is Dorothy and we have been married 53 years. HOME: Liberty, Kentucky USA English
Chris Wong Owl PAGE | ADD I like travelling, I've been to Europe, China and Asia. The longest trip was the one to Europe (only two months ya) but the one most impressed me is the trip to Taiwan, which is the first time and the only time I travelled alone. Since then, I know I prefer to travel with friends. I have a plan to Spain in this winter, any suggestion?
HOME: Hong Kong
English, Chinese
Rose Wong snowdew PAGE | ADD Wanderlusts..permeates my soul. So far have been to Malaysia, Australia, Japan, parts of Europe, and London. Next major stop - South America. Dream destination - Antartica !!! Would like to interact with avid travellers.
HOME: Singapore
Bonnie Woo Bonnie PAGE | ADD I like to travel very much and I look forward to have friends to share with me their travelling experience or even friends whom I can visit them in person! I'm open to talk about anything under the sun and I welcome all email or ICQ chatters!
HOME: Singapore
Kwong Woo Tony2 PAGE | ADD Next year, I will ride my bicycle from Edmonton (Canada) to the Southern tip of South America. Would like to talk to people with similar interest. My past accomplishments includes riding up Mt. Everest to the basecamp in Tibet. My last trip lasted 6 yrs. Next trip would probably be the same or maybe longer. If you are interested at sharing some experience, give me a shout. HOME: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada English, understand Chinese and German
Lis Wollard Lis PAGE | ADD I'm a 51 year old lady from Yorkshire  who'd like to take 3 months off and travel through South America. Wondering if anyone is interested in coming with me please?
Home:  Yorkshire, GB
posted:  03/2000
English, French

To be added to this List: - Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

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