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(The Everglades Construction Program)
One small portion of
"The Plan" to Restore America's Everglades

18 March 2001
Rick, Lin, Bill, Lisa, Sam & Tony joined with Barbra, Bo, & Raymond
to "check out" recovery status at Project "STA-5" & the STA-5 Discharge Canal

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Lin & Lisa as we set out for the STA5 Works
4,118 Acres of restoration & Agricultural Area Run-off treatment 
just South of Raymond's Place


Pink Flamingo

Flocks of 
Rossette Spoonbills

Rossette Spoonbills

Rossette Spoonbills
and Thousands

Rosette Spoonbill

White Pelican
of Coots, Ducks, Anhingas
and other water fowl

provide a plentiful food source for the 'GATORS
which were out IN FORCE .... here's just "a few"
(Low water levels had concentrated the 'gators in the perimeter borrow ditches)

These are NOT
'gators were spaced out at
about 50-60 yard intervals
almost for the entire perimeter
of the STA5 Works area

is fair play

Bill & Bo
check out a nice sized 
Hog Nosed - Soft Shell Turtle
- on her nest -
on the L-3 Levee