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March 8th 2001
Launch of Space Shuttle "Discovery" (STS-102)
Primary Mission - Dock with the International Space Station
Exchange it's "Expedition 1" Crew with a fresh "Expedition 2" crew of  3

Scheduled Launch time 06:42 EST (Went off without a hitch - BEAUTIFUL !!)
Shuttle landing scheduled for 02:02 AM March 30th
Shuttle flight time - 21 days 20 Hrs 21 Min
ISS "Expedition 1" crew flight time - 149 days 22 hrs 38 min

Our new home is 91.8 miles from launch pad 39B at the Cape and we've watched a number of launches from here.  For this one, we went up to the causeway at Titusville to watch and hear/feel the power up close (10.5 miles).  Expected a lot more sound than there was - more of a low rumble than an "explosive" type of sound experience ..... but the view was SPECTACULAR!!!

Each of these photos are linked to full size (640x480) images - click on the thumbnail photo to view the larger image

There are still a lot of people
that get up to view the launches

006:42 - Ground Flash
right on schedule

Looking back - at the contrail's shadow

Two minutes + downrange
Booster separation after
burning 2.2 MILLION Lbs
of fuel ... SSME burn continues
(just to the left & "below")

There she went

Nothing left but a shadow

... the booster trail

...and a ... WOW !!

Then - after the launch - up to Daytona for a look


in "Big Iron"
300,000 +