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Fotos contributed by "caribmon" (ICQ UIN # 7387981) - 05 Feb 98

-Richard Kastelein -- Simpson Bay Lagoon, Sint Maarten, Netherland Antilles

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Masthead - Being Caribbean

Richard - Aboard the Tironga---The Tironga - one of the 10 oldest wooden sailing ships afloat

Richard "caribmon" - aboard the Gaff Rigged Schooner "Tironga", built ~ 1869

The boat is one of the ten oldest wooden boats floating in the world... She is a baltic schooner built in Sweden...
In 1992 we did a British film called THE ORCHID HOUSE in Dominica with the boat...

Rich's wife Wieke sailing their boat Golem off of St. Kitt---The Golem at anchor in the Tabago Cays

Richard's wife Wieke - sailing their boat "Golem" near St. Kitt's & at Anchor in the Tobago Cays

Take a look at a foto illustrated story contributed by Richard

"A Hitchhikers Guide to the Sea - My Introduction to Vagabondage"

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