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- 19 June 2001

message: I'm Lionel

A mature (even vintage) virile, slim, tall, dark, well built, male (I look and behave a lot
younger and think theyíve got the figures wrong and never talk about my age and donít need to
know yours) good looking (I'm told), a lot of dark hair, a trim beard, and wear rimless
glasses, very conversational, unconventional, creative, serious and humorous, long time
divorced, (two grown and completely independent children, neither of whom live with me) now
living solo in Bournemouth, England with my Siamese lady cat 'Shimmie'

Iím an early-retired Carpenter, and still regularly involved in different projects for
others, also for my son who has recently bought a flat
Apparently fathers are useful after all
Whilst I've been very active for a many years as a semi professional musician, playing
keyboard, guitar and singing, (Sinatra style and Big Boppa) I also teach and do voluntary
music work, but get really fed up going home alone at the end of the evening

My other interests include painting, drawing, writing - mostly poetry some of which I've had
published, sailing and boot sales

Also I belong to a couple of social and discussion groups and have been known to dance, walk,
play tennis and even cycle at times

We could have a picnic, even in the rain, in my giant, centrally heated motor camper, which
has three double berths and every conceivable mod con, and in which I'm going to France and
Spain soon

I'm very seriously looking for a mature-ish musical/vocalist feminine female (or someone who
could benefit from my free tuition)who can operate a cam corder and read maps (or could learn
these) and cook (I cook)
All on a shared expenses basis

Why not give it a try ?
What have you got to lose?
Perhaps you'd like to come with me ?
Or perhaps we could just have a cup of tea first anywhere you like

Wherever you live please write or phone 01202 576630 or send me an E mail on
 Please send a photo and I'll send you some

More details of my motor camper
 Ė itís a Volkswagen LT28  - Diesel Ė 6 cylinder. about 30 mpg and has  two double berths,
central heating, domestic hot water, shower/toilet cubicle, wardrobe, cooker, sink, fridge,
microwave, television, cycle rack, and a big side tent with another double bed
I have a generator to provide mains electricity so completely wild independent camping is
possible and drastically cuts down the costs of a holiday

As Iím a musician playing keyboard and guitar and doing vocals (Sinatra and Big Boppa Style)
I intend to try to exist for about a year in France (£800.00 per week possible in the South
of France) and Spain and also hope to make a series of video travelogues

Iíve written to some Television  companies In the hope of getting sponsored but no  reply as

The videos will be made to appeal to mature perhaps retired people who might like to do this
wild thing but are too conventional

The locations would have to be non plastic holiday areas of trade or beauty or any other
interest like fishing or coal mining or basic manufacturing even mental hospitals but I have
yet to do rather a lot of research to prepare for the whole itinerary and would love to have
a partner to share this activity

Love from