- Disappearing Muck in The Southern Everglades Agricultural Area

The disappearance of the Muck soil due to wind erosion and oxidation within the farmed areas of the Southern EAA presents a serious obstacle in the Everglades Restoration Plan and the "recreation" of  a portion of the historic Everglades flow way from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay that the repurchase by the State of Florida of the U.S. Sugar Corporations land holdings present - as an opportunity for the expansion of this plan.  It's not "as simple" as removing a section of the Hoover Dike between South Bay and Clewiston - and extending this diked lake boundary South & East/West.  This "mearly" expands The Lake's limits (and storage capacity) which IS a "good thing".

The Engineering challange will be in the creation of a MASSIVE series of stepped - generally southward flowing shallow filter marshes at essentially the current (lowered) ground elevations, with a series of pumps to raise the water to the next section (similar to a series of "locks") in order to recreate the benificial Everglades Sawgrass habitat and realize the removal of the increased  phosphate loads from The Lake - prior to it's release into the North end of Water Conservation Area #3. for it's final flow South and West through The Everglades National Park, the Big Cypress and Fakahatchhee Strand Preserves - to Florida Bay.