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  • Designed and installed an under water culvert lining system to repair the cooling water intake for a multi unit, 1000+ Mw power plant which resulted in repairs made with minimal interruption to service and saved millions of dollars in downtime and replacement power cost.
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  • Designed and installed material handling systems for use in a weld shop, making use of equipment already in inventory, which increased productivity, improved employee morale, increased safety, and reduced expensive outsourcing for a major power plant.
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  • Totally reorganized the engineering documents storage, retrieval, and records management system at a major power plant. Developed, programmed, and implemented a PC-based document records system which provides quick and easy access to the plants design records and reduced access time from hours or days to five to fifteen minutes. 
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  • Developed, programmed, and implemented a PC-based security screening system which reduced contractor employee inprocessing time from 4 to 6 hours to typically 2 hours or less. This system is saving 800 - 1000 man-hours per major outage.
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  • Identified additional plant systems, and costs associated with qualified systems, which increased pollution control refinancing at a nuclear power plant from an initial $3 million issue, to a total of almost $250 million. The increased refinancing, with lower cost - tax free municipal bonds - saved about $200 million over the life of the plant.
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  • Designed and implemented a budgeting and cash forecasting system for a 1.3 billion dollar nuclear power plant construction project.
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  • Designed and supervised the building of a lifting rig for the handling of precast stadium seating panels at the SeaWorld project. Using this rig, safety was increased, and erection time reduced by about two weeks.
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  • .Organized and directed all aspects of a project in Korea to construct 6 barracks foundations, using both US Troops and local labor, which was completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule and permitted occupancy before the winter set-in.
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    Computer Consultant & Website Development
    01/97 - Present
    Alabama Power Company
      Generating Plant Engineer, Gorgas Steam Plant

      Cost Engineer, Miller Steam Plant Construction

      Senior Engineer Civil Q/C, Farley Nuclear Plant Construction

      Project Cost Administrator, Farley Nuclear Plant Construction


    10/88 - 12/96

    12/87 - 09/88

    02/86 - 11/87

    06/74 - 01/86

    McDevitt & Street Co., Florida Division - Sea World of Florida Project 
      Chief Estimator

    01/73 - 04/74

    JBM Hauling, Grading, and Land Development Co., Orlando, FL 
      Staff Engineer and Estimator

    06/72 - 12/72

    US Army - Corps of Engineers - B Co., 2nd Engr Bn, 2nd Inf Div - Korea 
        Executive Officer and Platoon Leader

    09/71 - 03/72

    US Army - Corps of Engineers - Civil Works; Jacksonville District, Clewiston Area Office 
      Project Engineer - Pump Station #4

      Assistant to the Area Engineer


    06/70 - 09/71

    09/69 - 05/70

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    The Citadel, Charleston - SC 
      B.S., Civil Engineering


    U.S. Army 
      Basic Training - Ft. Dix, NJ

      Advanced Training (Combat Engineer) - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

      Officer Canidate School - Ft. Belvoir, VA


    10/68 - 1/69

    02/69 - 4/69

    05/69 - 9/69

    Self-educated personal computer user and dBase programmer - IBM PC-XT, Tandy Sensation, IBM Aptiva - proficient with DOS, Windows, Windows 95, dBase II, III, and III+, Freelance, Lotus 1-2-3, Netscape, various word processing programs, various image aquisition and processing programs, and web page creation.
    1983 - Present

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    Sewage Treatment Plant, 4 Lift Stations, and Associated Force Mains
    $1.4 Million
    Low Temperature Superheater Replacement
    $3.8 Million
    Coal Truck Scale & Scale Office Building
    $0.6 Million
    (2) sets - Air Preheater Basket Replacement
    $1.6 Million
    Underwater Repair of Cooling Water Intake
    $0.7 Million

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