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Day 1 - Thursday, 27 February 1997

- 24 April 97 -12 July 97


This is a small entry for a short day (depending on how you look at it). After taking care of a few last minute details, and sending a final "we're on our way" message to Paul in Brugge, Belgium - we headed for the airport at Birmingham. Lin's friend, Melanie Hawkins and her mom drove us, (Rick, Lin, Barbara, Bo, & "all our stuff") to the airport to see us off.

Our flights were on Delta, 12:45 - 14:35 to Atlanta (lost 1 hour) and 17:45 - 07:50 to Brussels (lost another 6 hours) so as it turned out, this "day" - the 27th was probably only about 20 hours long depending on when we passed thru the date-change, somewhere over the Atlantic.

On the other hand, between the time we got up ~ 06:30 (US CST) and the next time we "crashed" for the night in Brussels (tomorrow) ~ 21:30 our "day" was about 32 hours long.

----PHOTO ALBUM - DAY 1 (3 photos - 141Kb)


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