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Day 18 - Sunday, 16 March 1997

- 02 October 97

Going to try to finish out our Trip Diary & Photo Album (Think the delay is because we're getting near the end of our trip - and don't want it to end!!)

Zurich, Switzerland - Day trip to Geneve

Today we're headed off for a visit with Barbara & Bo's friends in Geneva (Geneve). They met Paloma & Philippe while they were visiting the states in '94, were passing thru Lake Harbor, and their car broke down. Bo & Barb "took them in", Bo helped them get going again and they have stayed in contact since. Today's trip is another example of the value of the EuRail pass - not a side trip that was on our "preplanned" trip plan, just decided to go & went.

A three hour ride from Zurich to Geneve thru Bern, Friebourg & Lausanne (07:34 - 10:34) and back via a more northern route thru Neuchatel (16:46 - 19:54). Paloma & Felipe met us at the station and we were off for a walking tour, down to the Lake, Lac Leman, across the Pont du Mont-Blanc (bridge), along the Quai Fleuri , out on the pier past past Geneve's trademark fountain in the lake, thru "old Geneve", back across the Pont des Bergues, along the Quai du Mont-Blanc, and back to Gare Cornavin.

The walk started off a bit overcast, but as the day went on it cleared to a beautiful afternoon. Our "hosts" treated us to a wonderful lunch of Lake Perch on a boat docked at the Jardin Anglais. . The fountain is spectacular - shooting about 150m high, and as the day cleared and the sun came out producing a "permanent rainbow". Watched some people playing chess in the park near the Monument de la Reformation with the "boards" painted on the sidewalk and chess pieces about 3' tall. And, caught the 3PM chime of the Longines - Glockenspeil (?). In any case, an animated clock with about a 3-5 minute display and "parade". Stopped and watched the Swans & Ducks for a while coming back across Le Rhone. All-in-all, we had a very nice relaxed visit and walk-about.

On the way back to Zurich, the skys had cleared and we were treated to some excellent views of Mont-Blanc in the distance. For the trip back, we elected to ride coach, and were kept "entertained" by "little boy - aloe", who got on with his Dad at Daillens and travelled into Zurich with us. The little boy was about 3 (maybe), spoke French and tried to teach us - he was really a little cutey.

Off to Luxembourg in the morning.

PHOTO ALBUM - DAY 18 (11 Photos - 157.7Kb) 


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