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Day 5 - Monday, 03 March 1997

- 22 April 97 - 13 July 97

Modified (Resized) Rosen2.jpg - courtesy Stad Brugge

(The inspiration for our trip)

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We left the Hotel Chelton about 7:45, with plenty of time to spare. Bo took a taxi (with our luggage), while Lin, Barb, and I caught the Metro to Midi Station. Arrived early and checked the train departure schedules. Determined that one was headed in our direction about half an hour earlier than our planned departure and "hopped on it". On arrival in Brugge, we followed what was to become our "normal" procedure in a new place - i.e. get a local map and check out the local public transport.

Took the bus to "near" our hotel, the Jan Brito, checked in, and decided to walk the mile or so back to Sint-Lodewijkscollege, near the train station, to meet Paul DeMeyer and his "PC Phone" student participants. On the way, we walked by the town square and got our first glimpse of Lin's puzzle. Unfortunately, the square was under reconstruction, repaving (cobblestone) the square and revising the traffic flow to eliminate automobiles and parking.

Had a wonderful lunch and visit with Paul and six of his students. Left the school about 2PM and met "Carl", our guide, for a walking tour back into town at the train station. The guided walk was 1200 Bf (plus a "little extra") and worth every franc. Carl spoke English quite well and did a great job.

Had a light dinner at Brugge's equivalent of McDonalds - "De Quick" on the square, then met back up with Paul, Tine Willems, and Peter "Mac" DeBerdt for the evening (group photo). Continued our walking tour for an hour or so more, then took a few hours "time out" for fellowship and conversation at the oldest pub in Brugge. Capped off the evening about 9:30 with Belgian Frys (frites)& Mayo from a stand on the square. (Light rain in the evening - did not interfere with our visit or walking.)

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Paul, Tine, Peter, Freike, Rebecca, Pieterjan, Pieter Jan - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hospitality and without a doubt - the highlight of our trip.

---- PHOTO ALBUM - DAY 5 (7 Photos - 337Kb)


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