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- 01 May 97 -13 July 97

Day 6 - Tuesday, 04 March 1997

Head for Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands)

We were off to Amsterdam at 9:02 with a train change in Antwerp at 10:50 and arrived in Amsterdam at 13:04. The train ride was nice, if we had been later in the spring we could have seen acres and acres of tulip fields. The people at the station were friendly and helpful in getting us headed in the right direction to our hotel, the Amsterdam Princengracht. Got a map and we were off. Took the tram to Princengracht ("gracht" must mean "canal"). On the tram we started to get off at the wrong stop. The operator got off and told us to get back on, we wanted the next stop - very nice of him

There was a sign for our hotel at the tram stop, and, by the map, and what we were told at the station we thought we had arrived. One BIG word of caution about Amsterdam addresses!! Be sure to check for numbers on BOTH SIDES of the canal. Unfortunately we didn't and ended up walking about a 2 miles - to go a half block from where we got off the tram. Checked in and found that our "double room with bath" was literal - two small separate joining rooms with a bath. (This was a travel agent booked room, not our own.) It was clean and comfortable - just not what we expected.

After resting "just a bit", we got out and walked almost to the other end of Princengracht to the Anne Frank Huis. The canal scenery was just like the web sites we visited in preparing for our trip, except not yet leafed out. We did have a nice (to short) visit. Watch out for all the bike traffic, Ring! Ring! We just didn't allow enough time, two to three days needs to be the minimum at any stop. Fortunately, the balance of our visits will be this length.

Off to Cologne (Koln) in the morning.

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