"The Bravo Beast" & Camp Edwards (East) thru the years
with contributions from fellow "Bravo Beast" Veterans & others
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- 18 February 2002  - 07 June 2002

"Three Pieces of Brass"

Fall / Winter - 1971/72

Lt. Langdon
Capt. McAllister
Rick's "Home" 1971 - 72
CO - Capt James L. McAllister
XO - 1Lt Richard E. Langdon
1Sgt - SFC Malcom L. Stewart

Land of the Morning Calm - Sunrise @ Edwards (East)
From Camp Edwards (East) looking toward Camp Edwards (West)
& the Western Mountain Range
UH-1 View of Edwards (East)
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A few from Rick's tour - Fall/Winter 1971/72
- Camp Edwards East -

My "tanker crew" headed out to the range with our CEV

In our "spare time" we started work on a new Latrine/Shower for my troops at Camp Edwards (East)

Digging footers for "our" new Latrine/Shower
Cp Edwards (East)

Digging a BIG - DEEP hole
for the septic tank
Camp Edwards (East)

Warming (& protective) tent set up over the excavation for the septic tank

Foundations for our new 
ready to place
Camp Edwards (East)

Septic tank - base slab
ready to place
Camp Edwards (East)

New Bulletin Board
Camp Edwards (East)

SGT Bang, PFC Barke, 
PFC Robertson, SGT Jenning

PVT Jordan, PVT Woofe, 
PVT Han, PVT Chun,
PFC Volmar, SP4 Miller, 
Sgt Nagen

SP4 Butler, PFC Garret, PFC Hook, PFC Toney, 
SP5 Fraizer

PVT Liberty, PFC Shipley,
PVT Yoo, PFC Stauffer
PFC Roach, SSG Britt

The following photo's were furnished by SP5 Taggett Browing
who served with B Co 2nd Engr Bn 2nd Inf Div in 1974/75
E-Mail Taggett -email.gif- E-mail Taggett

Behind Motor Pool toward our
"Ammo Dump"

"Ball Buster" - Topping off

Early pic 
Our new Orderly Room & Day Room
(This is Taggett - 1975)

Orderly Room & Day Room

"New" Latrine
& HQ Platoon Barracks

Morning PT
Looking toward Front Gate

Water fight

Staging Area / DESO Yard
Adjacent to Front Gate

One of our projects

The following photo's were furnished by John M. Ace
who served with the 707th Maint Bn 7th Inf Div at Camp Paine in 1967
and who is back in Korea in 2002 as a DoD Instructor
E-Mail John -email.gif- E-mail John


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