- 31 May 2001  - 11 June 2002

Camp location - sector map
Camp Parris (Camp #84) - HQ & B Battery, 2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div
Camp Sill (Camp #80) - A & C Battery, 2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div

Subject:  Korea Map 
   Date:  Sun, 19 May 2002 17:48:36 EDT
   From:  Teresa Parris-Spivey
     To:  Rick Langdon

Dear Rick - 

I have been trying to find pictures of Camp Parris in Korea for years.  This 
camp was named in memory of my uncle 1st LT Harold G. Parris.  If you have any pictures of this particular camp I would be very greatful!  You see my grandmother (Harold's mother) is still living.  She is 102 yrs old and very 
much in good health and mind. She was presented the Distinguished Service 
Cross in honor of my uncle post humously.  However, we have never been able to obtain pictures of this camp.  Any help you can offer would be greatly 

Thank You

Teresa Parris-Spivey



Page 727

"East of the main supply road strong guerrilla bands were active in the
Sibyon-ni area. One of the worst incidents in this area occurred on 6
November about midway between Kumch'on and Sibyon-ni when an enemy force ambushed the I&R Platoon and a platoon of L Company, 27th Infantry, reinforced by C Battery, 8th Field Artillery Battalion. The 1st Battalion hurried to the scene and at midnight rescued several wounded and missing men, but the enemy had disappeared. Three days later the bodies of fifteen men from the ambushed patrol were found in a shallow grave. According to a survivor, the North Koreans had murdered these men when they followed the example of 1st Lt. Harold G. Parris, an officer captured with them, in refusing to give their captors information beyond their name, rank, and serial number. [15]"

[15] 27th Inf WD, 6, 9 Nov 50; 8th FA Bn WD, 5-9 Nov 50. Eighth Army
General Order 484, 1 July 1951 awarded the Distinguished Service Cross
posthumously to Lieutenant Parris.  The sixteen captured men were from C Battery, 8th Field Artillery Battalion.

"Three Pieces of Brass"

- The Start of this page - 
I did a search for "Harold G. Parris" and came across the above "citation" from an "ebook" published by the Center for Military History.

This page was put together for the family of Lt Harold G. Parris
from Contributions by Korea Vets Stationed at Camp Parris and others currently stationed in Korea
(photos are "clickable" to a larger image)

Contributed by Cpl Guido Gomez - 1966/67

Camp Sill - A Battery CP
2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div 

Camp Sill Entrance
A & C Battery
2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div

Camp Parris Entrance
HQ & B Battery
2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div

Mess Hall
A & C Battery
2nd Bn, 8th Arty, 7th Inf Div
Quarters were similar
Quonset Huts 
Heated by 2 pot belly / oil stoves

Contributed by Lt. Ken Leighty - from "mixed photos" at his A Tour of Duty Website

Camp Sill Entrance
I was lucky enough to be able to actually walk around the
compound - Camp Sill - ( now occupied by the ROKA ) Its a very small
place, a four gun battery would just fit. They don't really like visitors or cameras, but the LT allowed me.
  The Korean Language sign translates to `Second To None` Received the following additional data from Jim - 02 June 2001
Re. Camp Parris
   This is all the info I have on Camp Parris. Officially named in honor of Lt. Harold Parris of the 8th FA who received posthumously the DSC for actions on November 6, 1950. Camp named February 1961. Total size 23.66 acres. Closed May 15, 1970. Occupied by HQ/ SVC btrys 2/8FA ,7th Inf Div Artillery. Numbered K-2 or #84 depending on the map you are looking at. Grid is CS147970. Village is Undam-ni, it's across the road on the right side. It is the next camp north from old Camp McGovern/ RC#2.  I have been to this camp last November. It currently is home to the 701st Tank Bn, 25th Div, ROKA. Several other small camps line the left side of the road between old Parris and old McMahan Barracks. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo of this camp. I hope the data helps.

Jim Sherrill 

Contributed by John M. Ace

View toward current
Camp Parris Gate
June 2002

View of current
Camp Parris fence
June 2002

View of current
Camp Parris - Lower Gate
June 2002

View looking back - current
Camp Parris
June 2002
Subject: Camp Parris Shots
   Date:  Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:59:55 +0900
   From:  John M. Ace
     To:  Teresa Parris-Spivey, Rick Langdon
    CC: Ken Leighty

Rick, Teresa, Ken,

I got on Camp Parris today. I am afraid that there is not much
left. The 701 Ar Bn, 25ID (ROK) have been there since 1981. Before
that there was a ROK infantry outfit. LTC Jung, the Bn CDR, was 
very helpful. He had a CPL An (he had lived in Chicago) as an
interpter. Also, a SGM Kim and SGM Ahn helped me out. When
the 701st took the compound over there was very little US presence
visible. They have maintained the only two old US buildings, one
as a dayroom and the other as a PX. They really regretted that
there was not more to show of Camp Parris. They said to send
their thanks to Lt Parris's Mother for having had a brave son
that shed his blood for not only the US but for Korea. 
The main gate had moved and what was the old Camp Parris gate
is now a back gate.

It is getting late so will close for tonight.
Attached are some of the pictures I took today.


SGM Kim, SGM Ahn, CPL An
701st Armor Bn, 25th Inf Div, ROKA

At "old" Main Gate - Camp Parris

Old Main Gate
Camp Parris

Walkway near Old Main Gate
Camp Parris

Old Flagpole Area
Camp Parris

One of two remaining US Buildings
Camp Parris
(Now used at the Post PX)

Only Remaining "Quonset Hut"
Camp Parris
(Now used as the BN "Day Room")

Only Remaining "Quonset Hut"
Camp Parris
(Now used as the BN "Day Room")

Only Remaining "Quonset Hut"
Camp Parris
(Now used as the BN "Day Room")

New Gate - Going Out
Camp Parris


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