KOREA - Camps and Units - 2001
- 25 Sept 2001  - 28 Sept 2001

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The Area I Support Command - Installations Directory
Korea - Area I Camp Locations Map (sketch)
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Area I - (21 Camps) - Area I generally covers the sections of the Republic located north of Seoul.
                                     As "Freedom's Last Frontier," Area I consists primarily of active duty military.
                                     These units include the 2nd Infantry Division who constantly maintain watch
                                      along the DMZ, the first to fight.

        Camp Bonifas - About 2 miles South of Panmunjon (Formerly Camp Kitty Hawk) - "In Front of Them All"
                                    ~ ?? Acres

        Camp Casey - near Tongduchon
                                ~3500 Acres

        Camp Castle - within walking distance of Camp Casey - near Tongduchon
                                ~ 49 Acres

        Camp Edwards - Near Camp Howze, about 1 mile from Kumchon
                                    ~ 61 Acres

        Camp Essayons - Near Camps Red Cloud and Stanley, in the city of Uijongbu
                                    ~ 56 Acres

        Camp Falling Water -

        Camp Giant - Near Camps Howze and Edwards in the city of Munsan
                            ~ 24 Acres

        Camp Greaves - in "Stands Alone" country North of Freedom Bridge near Munsan
                                ~ 58 Acres

        Camp Hovey - near Tongduchon
                                    ~4000 Acres

        Camp Howze - About 14 miles North of Seoul and a few miles South of Kumchon
                                ~ 149 Acres

        Camp Jackson -

        Camp Kyle -

        Camp Laguardia - near Camps Red Cloud and Stanley in Uijongbu
                                    ~ 40 Acres

        Camp Mobile - in the city of Tongduchon about 40 miles North of Seoul
                                ~ ?? Acres

        Camp Nimble - in the city of Tongduchon
                                ~ 14 Acres

        Camp Garry Owen - near Munsan
                                    ~ 64 acres

        Camp Page - in Chunchon about 48 miles northwest of Seoul
                            ~ 157 acres

        Camp Red Cloud - in Uijongbu City
                            ~ 164 Acres

        Camp Sears - about two miles outside the city of Uijongbu, approximately 20 miles North of Seoul
                                ~ 32 Acres

        Camp Stanley - approximately three miles outside of the city of Uijongbu, less than 20 miles north of Seoul.
                            ~ ?? Acres

        Camp Stanton - near the city of Tonggo-ri and less than 15 miles outside of Seoul, near Camp Howze
                        ~ 70 Acres

Area II - Seoul and vicinity

          Yongsan Garrison - located in Seoul.  Yongsan actually consists of several installations. Yongsan Main Post, Yongsan South Post, Hannam Village, Camp Kim, Camp Coiner, the FED Compound, the Sabingo Compound, Seongnam Golf Course, and the Retreat Center.

          Camp Market - Camp Market is located to the west, half way between the Capital City of Seoul and the historical port of Inchon.

Area III - (4 Camps) - Pyongtaek and Vicinity

          Camp Humphreys - Camp Humphreys is located to the south of Seoul, a short distance from
                                     the city of Pyongtaek, and adjacent to the town of Anjung-ri.

          Camp Long - Camp Long is located near the town of Wonju.

          Camp Eagle - Camp Eagle is located near the town of Wonju.

          Suwon - Suwon is situated in the middle of the country, is a ROK Air Base (shared)

Area IV - Area IV begins south of Taejon and continues south to Pusan and the southern most tip of the peninsula. It also
               contains assets on the resort island of Chejudo.

          Camp Henry - Camp Henry is located in Taegu on 51 Acres.

          Camp Walker - Camp Walker is located in Taegu on 190 Acres.

          Camp George - Camp George is located in Taegu

          Camp Hialeah - Camp Hialeah is located on the Southern most tip of the Korean peninsula in the port city of Pusan.

          Camp Carroll - Camp Carroll lies ~20 air miles northeast of the city of Taegu, near Waegwan in the Nak Tong
                                    River Valley, on 546 Acres.

          Camp McNabb - Chejudo Island Army Recreation Center

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