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Rick & Linda have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication with their friends and listmembers. ICQ empowers members with a very efficient means to exchange messages, chat, exchange files, exchange URL's, and launch other "DIRECT CONNECT" communications applications whenever they like, enableing them to share ideas and discuss similar interests. We encourage all visitors to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ-UIN (Universal Internet Number). We will list ICQ contact info for all visitors (who do) on our List of "Travelin' Partners" (The List), allowing quick contact with others with a common interest in travel.

To be added to this List: -Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

This list is presented as a forum and means or method for introducing people with a common interest in travel and meeting others - NOT as a blind / anonymous listing. If you elected to remain somewhat anonymous with your "official" ICQ listing data, that's your choice - but please - not here.

This list was published and included in the ICQ List of user created lists 14 August 97. We are gratified and pleased with the response and interest created by it's publication.

To omit your name from the list, or revise your listing, please - Rick, submit the information to be revised from the form on the next page.

ICQ List Name: Rick & Linda's - Travelin' Partners
Description / Purpose: To promote ease of connection & communication between friends we've met along the road of life - both in person and on-line.
Searchable Keywords: Travel, Partners, Friends, On-Line, Communication
Relevant Categories: Lifestyle Lists - Travellers & Travel Advice
ICQ ListMaster: Rick Langdon
Organization: REAL Data Services (That's us *grin* R.E. [Rick] and Lin, providing this data as a free service :-)
Location: Forestdale, Alabama USA


Rick & Linda's - TRAVELIN' PARTNERS (H)
Real Name Homepage Nickname Photo PAGE ADD Remarks Language
Hadina Habil D_na PAGE | ADD I like travelling but haven't done much lately. Love beaches and country sides. Have gone snorkelling & scuba diving at beautiful beaches in my country. Hope to tour Europe in the future.
HOME: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
POSTED: 05/99
English, Malay
Steve Hample Steve PAGE | ADD In May 1998 I will be sailing the coasts of Italy, Corsica, and Elba. In 1999 I hope to visit Australia. Information on these places would be appreciated. In 1997 I toured Brazil for two months (wonderful people!) for the Rotary Foundation. I have visited 49/50 of the United States and about 30 countries. I'm 50 and live at the edge of a mountain forest near Bozeman, Montana USA. I enjoy meeting people and hope to return to visit my new good friends from Brazil. English, & a little German
Esther Han Esther  PAGE | ADD Love Traveling. Have travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. If anyone has plans to visit Korea, ask me anything!
HOME: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Korean, English
Ronald Harmon Ron PAGE | ADD I love to travel, do photography and video photography. I also write and have had some essays published. I also have a wonderful little African Gray Parrot named "Buddy", we're really great friends.
HOME: Sugarcreek, Missouri USA

RICKS NOTE: Ron has an excellent web site with samples of his Photography & Writings

English, German
Lionel Harmsworth Smaggydut email Iím an early-retired Carpenter, and still regularly involved in different projects.  Iím also a musician playing keyboard and guitar and doing vocals (Sinatra and Big Boppa Style) 

I intend to try to exist for about a year in France  and Spain and also hope to make a series of video travelogues 

Iíve written to some Television  companies In the hope of getting sponsored but no  reply as

The videos will be made to appeal to mature perhaps retired people who might like to do this wild thing but are too conventional 

HOME:  Bournemouth, England
POSTED:  06/2001

MORE - Full Text

Sarah Harrow Sar PAGE | ADD HI -- I have travelled extensively over the past 10 years via my sport of Triathalon. I love travelling and want to live every place I visit - very frustrating. However, apart from my hometown - my favorite country on earth is Brazil, and my most favorite city is San Francisco. That's me for the time being anyway - oh by the way I'm 25 years old. HOME: Christchurch, New Zealand English, French, wee bit of German 
Brenda Harwood BrendaJ PAGE | ADD I'm a 36 year old married Canadian woman interested in speaking to people from other continents, or anyone who, like I, loves the Carribean, Mexico, Las Vegas and Europe.
HOME: London, Ontario Canada
Kostas Hatzimalonas haco PAGE | ADD It would be wonderful if I could communicate with so many friends I met in Rhodes in the last 10 years.
HOME: Rhodes, Greece
Greek, German, English, Italian
Vanessa Hellewell Midnight PAGE | ADD I'm a 22/f hoping to do europe/ america this year, and wanted to know / make a couple of friends to tell me where to go/ what to do, or just to go with
HOME BASE: singapore/ melbourne australia
posted:  01/2000
English, Mandarin, French
Stefan Hendrickx pinokkio PAGE | ADD Traveling, sports, horse riding, diving, motorcycling, karate, fitness, ski etc, blind dating, fun , dance, eating out,...
HOME: Asse, Belgium
English, Dutch, French, German
Dale Herdman Dale PAGE | ADD Wow! You two have been everywhere and have so many great contacts! I am a professional tour director who is just beginning global travel as a career, and would like to be in contact with you. Thanks, Dale
Home: Austin, Texas USA 
P.S. Nice idea to network your friends/colleagues!
Ossi Hiisiö Ossi PAGE | ADD I am a retired journalist having travelled a lot. After spending five years in Portugal I have returned to my home country Finland. I wish to exchange experiences and ideas with people of all ages, and so does my girlfriend Pirkko.
HOME: Helsinki, Finland
Finnish, English, Portuguese
Erik Hjortstam Erik PAGE | ADD I'm 24 years old. I like to make songs and play the guitar. My biggest hobby is to travel, I've been around a lot in Europe and some in Asia. I'm planning a trip starting in January '99 - India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, etc. I want to meet people who travel maybe to Sweden where I live and can offer a cheap place to stay ... see ya !!!
HOME: Alingsås, Sweden ~ 4 miles from Gothenburgh (Goteborg)
English, Swedish
Barbara Hodgkinson Snowbird PAGE | ADD Interested in travelling in Turkey by bus, train etc. during early summer months. Would like to hear of any tips especially regarding cheap accommodation and air fares. I have travelled quite extensively since I retired, I think I have the "BUG". Anyway I would like to hear from other travellers.
HOME: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
(P.S. - I've also registered for an ICQ "Chat Room")
Pete Holland Noggin PAGE | ADD Interested in travel around Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and what its like? Been to Thailand and loved it... want to see and know more about S.E. Asia. What to do, where to avoid etc...
HOME: Liverpool & Blackpool, UK
Pat Hong Maze PAGE | ADD I have traveled some - a year in Sweden, went backpacking in Europe, was in Australia for a short while. Like to go somewhere exotic - Galapagos Islands, Tibet, Nepal, Silk Road, etc. I live in Bangkok, Thailand, if anyone wants to come by, give me a call. Thai, English, broken Swedish
Fouad Housni Rachman PAGE | ADD Living in Marrakech, Morocco, it will be a pleasur to welcome any traveller wishing to visit my country! French, English, Deutsch
Jeff Howard ClanWarrior PAGE | ADD Here are some of the countries I have visited: Egypt, Japan, Thiland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Bali, and many more. In June of 1998 I am planning a trip to Ireland, England and Scotland. I will tour the countries for approx. a month. This trip will be a backpacking trip and we will be camping most of the way. If you have the same interest I would love to hear from you.
HOME: Ft. Worth, Texas USA
English and "some" Japanese
Ruth & Bob Huck Ruth PAGE | ADD Retired couple love to to travel. The Carribean in the winter is a must for a couple weeks. Glad to share info on any of the states, Britain, and Europe by tour. Next major destination: Israel and Egypt. Would excange houses most anywhere.
HOME: Russel, Pennsylvania USA
Christopher Hughey Christopher PAGE | ADD I live in Barcelona, but am originally from Memphis, Tennessee in the US. I love traveling! I travel mostly in Europe, but next year I plan to 'expand' to Asia.
POSTED: 05/99
English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, some Italian, and Portuguese
Frank Hulsman Frank PAGE | ADD Traveling is what I like, also I love to show foreigners The Netherlands as well.
HOME:  Nijverdal, Netherlands
Posted:  01/2000
Dutch, English, German
Perucha Hutagaol tranquil PAGE | ADD I love travelling and have been to Europe, USA, Asia...mostly alone (that's not really a matter since I always met new friends)! I'm also a scuba diver and like to exchange
HOME: Jakarta, Indonesia
posted:  06/2000
English, Indonesian, little bit French
Debbie Hutcheson & Scott Brown onlydutch PAGE | ADD My fiance and I are planning our wedding and honeymoon for February of '99. We are interested in being married on Little Cayman Island at sunrise on the 9th of February (a day of great sentimental value to us). We would like to chat with ANYONE who has vacationed on or lives on Little Cayman to help us expolre our options. Please help us if you can.
HOME: Canton, Michigan USA

To be added to this List: - Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

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