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Rick & Linda have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication with their friends and listmembers. ICQ empowers members with a very efficient means to exchange messages, chat, exchange files, exchange URL's, and launch other "DIRECT CONNECT" communications applications whenever they like, enableing them to share ideas and discuss similar interests. We encourage all visitors to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ-UIN (Universal Internet Number). We will list ICQ contact info for all visitors (who do) on our List of "Travelin' Partners" (The List), allowing quick contact with others with a common interest in travel.

To be added to this List: -Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

This list is presented as a forum and means or method for introducing people with a common interest in travel and meeting others - NOT as a blind / anonymous listing. If you elected to remain somewhat anonymous with your "official" ICQ listing data, that's your choice - but please - not here.

This list was published and included in the ICQ List of user created lists 14 August 97. We are gratified and pleased with the response and interest created by it's publication.

To omit your name from the list, or revise your listing, please - Rick, submit the information to be revised from the form on the next page.

ICQ List Name: Rick & Linda's - Travelin' Partners
Description / Purpose: To promote ease of connection & communication between friends we've met along the road of life - both in person and on-line.
Searchable Keywords: Travel, Partners, Friends, On-Line, Communication
Relevant Categories: Lifestyle Lists - Travellers & Travel Advice
ICQ ListMaster: Rick Langdon
Organization: REAL Data Services (That's us *grin* R.E. [Rick] and Lin, providing this data as a free service :-)
Location: Forestdale, Alabama USA


Rick & Linda's - TRAVELIN' PARTNERS (K)
Real Name Homepage Nickname Photo PAGE ADD Remarks Language
Rossitza Kadiyska rosi PAGE | ADD Exploring new countries - Asia, Europe, S. America, - like visiting friends, interesting sightseengs.
HOME: Sofia, Bulgaria Europe
English, Bulgarian, Russian, French, German
Sedick Kahn
Hi ! I am visting Bangkok/Thailand in January 2002 & looking for a travel mate..
anyone out there interested, drop me a line !
HOME:  Johannesburg, South Africa
POSTED: 10/2001
Bahadir Karadal artrium PAGE | ADD I am operations manager of Sidre Tour and looking for people who are interested in paying a visit to Turkey or who are plannig to have a partner to work with in the tourism industry. In my office, I have people who speak English and Russian as well. HOME: Antalaya, Turkey English, Turkish
Jonas Karlsson Indiana Jonas PAGE | ADD Have been traveling through Mexico, US New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China and South Korea Working right now to save enough money to go off again.
HOME: Kvicksund, Sweden
English and Swedish
Tobias Karlsson SirToby PAGE | ADD I will go to South America this Summer (98) and I'm interested in information on budget lodging and interesting places/countries. I'll be happy to share my experiences from my travels to SouthEast Asia, Europe, and North America. I'm a 24 year old student.
HOME: Vaxjo, Sweden
English and Swedish
Richard Kastelein caribmon PAGE | ADD Live on beatup ole' sailboat in Dutch Caribbean... traveller for 10 years -- 31/M. Currently I am editing a magazine called "What's On" and have started my own web design company here called Web Wizards
Have also done the - Caribbean Dreams and the Caribbean Phone Cards Web sites
Loves sailing, photography, writing and guitar. And of course chatting with fellow rovers, those caught in the ropes of vagabondage... :-)
HOME: SV Golem
Simpson Bay Lagoon, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Rich contributed this story - 
" Hitchhikers Guide to the Sea"

Bahadir Kaymakci Antalya PAGE | ADD Kesit Tourism specializes in planning comfortable and memorable stays for visitors to Turkey coming from all over the world. Our experience with inbound business and tourism , accumulated over many years, enables us to provide the most attentive hospitality plans for travelers to Turkey.
HOME: Antalya, Turkey
POSTED: 04/99
English, German, Turkish
Sam Kelleher simbolo PAGE | ADD I live in the UK South of London, I love to travel and do lots of outdoor
activities. I am interested in sport and peoples storys of what happened to them in their travels.
HOME:  Kent, GB
English - Some German, Dutch, French
Mandy Kelly mands PAGE | ADD 50 years, fun and looking for people to meet while travelling around France & Italy june 2000
HOME:  Auckland, New Zealand
posted:  01/2000
Shahid Khan rockman PAGE | ADD Hi !! I am guy aged 36yrs from India. Would like to make friends with persons coming to India from any part of the globe. Food and stay can also be provided if you are my type. Lemme know if you are intending/or coming to India!!!
HOME: Allahabad, India
POSTED: 04/99
Kozue Kigawa Kozue PAGE | ADD Have travelled to some European countries, Kenya, Tanzania, North America, and many Asian countries alone. Thailand is my favorite country to travel and I go there very often. Sometimes I need a sincere, non-smoking and fun male travel partner to make my trip more enjoyable and safer. I love meeting and talking with new people. If you have a plan to come to Osaka, let me know. I am a 36 year old friendly single female.
HOME: Osaka, Japan
Japanese, English, and some Thai
Suah Kim Suah PAGE | ADD Hi, i'm 21 years old, loving to meet new people. i'm university student studying broadcasting in Korea. 
if u will visit Korea, i'm willing to guide u and to have a good time. 
i'm planing to visit Europe this year, so i'm looking for someone who will guide me when i visit their country. if you are interested, please leave a message~
HOME:  Seoul, South Korea
posted:  04/2000
Korean, English
Krisina Klenina Kristy PAGE | ADD Hello! I like to travel and i study at University to be a manager of tourism/ I was in England, in France, Germany, Belgium. I like to talk with people about countries, art,
musik etc. 
I live in Russia/Volgograd.
posted:  06/2000
English, French, Spanish, Russian
Raylene Klinger Ray PAGE | ADD My travel interests are quiet contented places, uncluttered with modern life, and material extreams. Where nature greets you with its changing face. A place on a hill overlooking a small village, or a hut in a forest where light filters through Autumn leaves.
I live in South Australia in a Town called Goolwa (near Adelaide) I moved here for a new begining after taking a three year Sabatical in a place I called 'Binsey Poplars' - because my life had become rather disjointed. My marriage had failed and I had to let go.
Living at Binsey Poplars with only the basics was refreshing and a renewing of inner faith, my spiritual awareness has grown. Letting go of my dreams was difficult. Meanwhile, the move to Goolwa was a difficult decision as a sea side lifestyle has a somewhat different pace, expectation, community networks and its a tourist destination.
Well I have been here for 18 months now and to all travel partners out there this is truely a beautiful piece of Australia. Meanwhile I will be only travelling with little feet in tow for some years to come (unless someone out there joins us).
Many of the stories I will be sharing with you will be through their eyes as well. Our family travels have included Tasmania and much of South Australia, Western Australia, and Kangaroo Island are to name a few places.
I dream of living in Southern France in a old cottage surrounded by completeness. Also to experience missionary work or as a volunteer to an agency calls me but I am not alone so I just dream. I can only share day to day experiences and local travel as I have fallen for a small piece of this place just outside of town.
A view and some trees, lots of grass and riverflats in the distance - no house - but I imagine a dwelling that is different yet it complements the environment and a shoestring buget. When complete we will be free to travel anywhere knowing we have a place to come home too.
I like frogs, collecting bugs, being a mother and a friend to the frail elderly as I integrate exercise and the environment into my community programs. Share your travels with us. 
jesse-ann knighte brat PAGE | ADD i love to travel - road trips r my thing. if u'ld like to know about me - look at my homepage.
HOME: Kissimmee, Florida USA
English (slang)
Joel Kollin Joel PAGE | ADD Love to travel, been to all continents except Anartica, want to travel more. Interested in other's single travel experiences and in meeting others to travel with.

Atlanta, Georgia USA


(some) Spanish

Pirate Korsan Pirate PAGE | ADD Pirate's havens, archeological sites, historical sites.
HOME: Istanbul, Turkey
English, French, Turkish
Julius Kozmann Julius PAGE | ADD Who needs'97 information for trip to Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territory? Camper, roadcondition, gas prices, campsites, food, etc. - Mail me! I drove Seattle - Fairbanks - Anchorage - Dawson - Inuvik - Seattle.
HOME: Stuttgart, Germany
Slovak, Czech, English, German
Kim Kruse Raven PAGE | ADD I'm a TV producer on a crime-show in Denmark called "Efterlyst" (Danish). Have travelled thru Europe with my work as well as Morocco, and New York (early in my career). Also interested in rock music and computers. Planning a vacation trip to Thailand this June.
HOME: Frederiksberg, Denmark
English, Danish
Mrs. Nese Kusadali Scarlett PAGE | ADD I am an Architect and would like to tell about my country. If you want to learn more about Turkey please contact me!!! Hope to see you soon..!!!
HOME: Aydyn, Turkey
Turkish, English
Kerim Kusadali Johnny PAGE | ADD I am (Nese's) son and would also like to tell about my country (and practice my English). Hope to see you soon..!!!
HOME: Aydyn, Turkey
Turkish, English

To be added to this List: - Rick, complete and submit the "feedback form" on the next page. Please include the following information for publication: Real Name (First & Last names) , ICQ Nick Name, ICQ-UIN, Languages you speak / wish to communicate with, and PLEASE INCLUDE some brief remarks to be included such as special travel interests, and where you live/what you do as a way of INTRODUCING YOURSELF to the other members of the list.

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